A Midsummer Night's Dream

New Delhi, 5th May 2008 : Children from Deepalaya Schools presented a delicately delightful take on that perennial favourite, Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, on Saturday evening May 3rd 2008, at the Akshara's open-air Pipal Tree Theatre. The play adapted and directed by the well known playwright Jalabala Vaidya of Akshara Theatres was an Akshara version of the famous play and was enacted in English. The characters of the play an Indian Prince, naughty elves, mischievous Puck, playful and pretty little fairies, fairy Queen Titania and fairy King Oberon all transported the audience to a time and space far removed from everyday reality. The characters in the play ” the hero of Athens, Theseus and his Amazon bride Hippolyta, their courtiers and the bumpkin city artisans led by Bottom the weaver, who present an entertainment for the wedding evening, were earthy and funny. The protagonist, Karan Bisht, who played Bottom, the comic hero of the play, comes from Ramditti J. R. Narang Deepalaya School. Students from Deepalaya Schools have been training diligently in theatre, music, Sanskrit chanting, painting, Kathak, Yoga and martial arts for this event under the guidance of Ms. Jalabala Vaidya at Akshara Theatre's Diksha Programme for the Performing Arts since January 2008. 11 boys coming from Ramditti J.R. Narang Deepalaya School and Deepalaya School at Sanjay Colony had participated in the event. Deepalaya students were well appreciated for the lengthy and complicated dialogues and soliloquies that they recited. The other children who participated along with Deepalaya students came from elite private schools of Delhi. The integration of underprivileged children from Deepalaya Schools with the other children who study in English medium private schools was a mutually satisfying experience for students from Deepalaya and other schools as well as the Akshara team. Brought up with minimal resources and having received not so well off parentage the talent, sincerity and determination of children from Deepalaya was a learning experience for other children too at Akshara, as some of them reported. The function was well attended by a wide range of audience, including parents of the participating children. Students from Deepalaya's Transit Home at Swagat Kendra also got the opportunity to witness this play. The event ended with a surprise programme by Deepalaya students who sang the popular Hindi song "Papa Kehte Hain" and thanked Akshara Theatre for giving them the opportunity to associate with them. Ms. Jalabala Vaidya was overwhelmed by the appreciation and affection of the children and informed the audience about Deepalaya and its work, the struggles and determination of Deepalaya children to fight against all odds. Participating in this play was a unique experience for Deepalaya children. In the words of Karan, the child who played the role of Bottom, Participating in the play was a wonderful experience for me as it familiarised me with theatre and also helped me improve my English speaking skills. This has also given a boost to my confidence levels and I would love to participate in more such events.Needless to say this was a memorable experience for Deepalaya students which they are likely to remember for a long time. About Deepalaya Deepalaya is a non government development organization working on issues affecting the urban and rural poor, with a special focus on children. It is because Every child deserves a chancethat the organization exists and works towards making that possible. Taking forward this concept, Deepalaya gives a chance to underprivileged children to exploit their potential to its full capacity and learn vivid cultural art forms through this performance. Apart from providing formal education to underprivileged children Deepalaya endeavours to provide all round development of these children by bringing their hidden talent to the fore, through their participation and exposure in such programmes. For the past 29 years Deepalaya has been working in the urban slums of Delhi and has also made inroads into rural development in the states of Haryana and Uttarakhand. Deepalaya has been collaborating with other agencies, both governmental and non-governmental towards making meaningful intervention in the policy making process in the State. It aims for a legitimate and a self reliant society based on the principles of justice, equality, honesty and social sensitivity. For more information about Deepalaya log on to www.deepalaya.org For any further enquiries contact: +91-11-28522251, 28520347



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