My school is like an Encyclopedia ( Annual Report 2009-10)

“My school is like an Encyclopedia”

Nine year old Nisha is the fifth of the 6 offsprings of Pappu Ram and Saraswati Devi residents of Sanjay Colony slums in South Delhi. Her three elder sisters, Pinki,Nisha an student of Deepalaya School Sanjay Colony Rajbala and Rekha are also studying in IX, VII and V respectively at DS SC while her brothers Narender and Naresh, are in class VIII and II in a near-by Government school. Her Sanjay Colony tenement consists of two small rooms without any toilet or kitchen. For water, the family has to depend largely on rationed supply by Delhi Water board tankers. The rooms, though small, are kept neat and tidy; a corner is provided to the six kids to keep their books and study. Nisha joined the school at the beginner’s level at the age of 4 and her elder sister, already studying in DSSC gave her all love and care to excel academically and take part in other extracurricular activities.

Nisha says: ” I enjoy coming to school as I like the environment very much. It gives me feeling of a mysterious world. There are so many new things to learn in the class rooms. The walls are full of beautiful pictures, teaching materials, charts etc. I spend my recess (break time) moving from room to room to see what new charts are pasted on the walls or bulletin boards. I specially look forward to the days when visitors are expected, because I get to meet people from different countries. A variety of reading material is available and all are written in an easy style by children like me. My drawing was also put up in the last wall magazine.

Holidays are boring; I don’t know what to do sitting at home but the summer activity classes are great fun. I love the drawing and painting classes.

My father is a washer man and also irons clothes for the well off people in the neighbourhood. Me and my brothers help in collecting the clothes and returning those later. The more he can wash and iron, the more he will earn and this is necessary to meet the expenses of our family. Me and my sisters have been able to attend this school because the fees charged is not high and also its right next to my house. If the school had not been here my sisters would have been married by now and I would have been helping my father at work. Thank you Deepalaya!

What Pappu Ram has to say:

“I send my children to Deepalaya School because, the school is very near my home, and they easily walk down the school. The education here is in English medium which is very necessary for the children today. Fees here are much less than the fees in other schools. Teachers teach the children with love and affection and repeatedly explain the facts if they fail to understand easily. I am fully satisfied and happy with the studies here and want my children to continue in the same school.”

Deepalaya’s Super Six

Deepalaya's Super Six teamA standing witness to the impact created by Education programme—which has been constantly striving to fill the gaps in the lives of the underprivileged with continuous encouragement and opportunities. Six alumni students of Deepalaya Schools are now in the United States for a year of study to fulfill their dreams of becoming a professional. Chandni, Indira Kumari and Neha Sharma are pursuing studies in “Health Profession including Nursing” while Chandan, Sonu and Ambika have chosen “Business Management & Administration” as their area of study. This initiative is organized by the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Community College. Lady luck has indeed shone on the students coming from an economically weaker background. But it has been their diligent efforts that enabled them to clear several round of tests and become a part of the 51 students selected from all across India.




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