Child Details


9  year old Aashu  is studying in class IV  at SAHARAN PUR Formal School .

Other Details

Favourite Subject : Hindi.

Hobby : Coloring.

Favourite Game : Fooball.

Ambition : Doctor.

His  family consists of

Name Relation Age Education Occupation
Mukesh Father 41 Nil Shopkeeper
Uma Mother 37 Nil Housewife
Nidhi Sister 13 7th Student
Neha Sister 11 6th Student
Ravi Brother 8 3rd Student
They belong to the state of Uttar Pradesh. Presently they live at Titron.


Aashu is a well disciplined child. Very sincere and friendly in nature. He is very punctual and does all the assigned work on time. He is good in academics and a keen learner who always eager to learn new things.

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