Dream On…

As Saint Augustine rightly said, “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” and Deepalaya with its quality based education exposes its students to gain a practical knowledge of their dreams. Forty students from 6th to 10th grade of the four Deepalaya (Kalkaji Extension, Sanjay Colony, Gole Kuan and Ramditi) Schools toured the office of Times of India (TOI) Press at Ghaziabad on 6th April, 2010. This was part of the Schools curriculum focusing on current events, developing reading habits and moreover to encourage the students to dream further. The visit turned out to be an eye-opener for many students wishing to enter the field as journalists, writers, editors and designers etc. “I learnt a lot about how a newspaper is made, inks used to give a perfect blend to the pictures and I am amazed by the software available here which cuts down human effort,” commented Seema Ahmed, a IXth grade student of Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension. Mr. Anil Singh, Manager, Times of India discussed and explained to the students about how the newspapers are created, how editorials are submitted, which paper they use, how the layout is printed with the help of the four inks (black, sand, magenta and yellow) and how the software helps in producing the daily newspaper. The children were startled by the fact that the team of 400-500 employees produce 1, 46,000 newspapers per hour. Mr. Singh further explained that the supplementary newspapers are prepared during the day while the hard news is printed in the night. It was a different exposure for the teachers accompanying the students during the visit. “I feel that such visits should happen on a regular basis. We have morning assembly at our School where children read the newspaper, but nowhere down the line had we thought about its making. It was a great experience for me and my students,” commented Ms. Geeta Joshi, Maths Teacher at Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension. Facilitating the students, Major Sanjay Dhillon, Assistant General Manager at TOI motivated the students to develop reading habits and regularly read a newspaper, magazine or a book. After the visit, the students planned to take information gleaned from their tour of the newspaper office and write articles about their visit. The visit turned out to be fruitful and we wish that the students soon come out with their first ever school newspaper! It was indeed a trip was informative and was an experience, that the students would remember all their life. Send feedback to pooja@deepalaya.org By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- Media Coordination & Content Development

Teething for a Healthy Smile!

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of smiling?

Well, for sure with this question, your mind must have kick started already. But does your smile become a big turn off for others? There might be hundred of reasons for that – a bad breath, yellow teeth, cavities, gap etc. However, these things happen with age and somewhere due to ignorance from your side. Now, think of having yellow teeth, gaps, cavities during your childhood with absolutely no fault of yours. Taking care of some of these basic needs at its Institutional Care Project; Deepalaya with the support of American Express organized a Dental Care Camp at Deepalaya Gram, Gusbethi on 30th March, 2010.

Around hundred and ten students residing at the Deepalaya hostel (both girls and boys) went ahead to discuss their dental issues with Dr. Nitin Garg, the dentist from the hospital in the nearby town of Tavru at the camp.” Dental care is the primary health care. It involves taking good care of your teeth, gums. Dental care includes prevention and treatment of diseases of the gum and teeth, and also the replacement or repair of defective teeth. The children need to pay enough attention to teeth care and must brush their teeth twice a day. This would help the children in keeping you healthy and sound,” stated Dr. Garg, B.D.S, M.I.D.A from Garg Hospital. After checking some cases, he said that most children have yellow teeth because of the presence of fluoride in the water they drink and due to lack of calcium in their bones. Such camps intervenes Deepalaya towards the necessary attention needed for the children.

Present at the camp was a team for American Express (AMEX) who were all the more excited to see the well disciplined children visiting the dentist for a check up. “We have been associated with Deepalaya from a long time now and organizing this camp is part of our CSR activity. The dentist has detected the problem of the presence of fluoride in the water, we would try and make available a water purifier for the children of Deepalaya,” stated Mr. Lalit Malik (Vice President, American Express).

Amex employees are sponsoring around 39 children studying at the various Schools of Deepalaya. Through the employee Pay Roll Giving program, they make a monthly contribution to support their sponsored child. This is collected and mediated through the Charities Aid Foundation India (CAF India).
The day was both educational and fun-filled for the children of Deepalaya and the contribution from Amex definitely cheered up the entire Deepalayan Team!

Send feedback to pooja@deepalaya.org
By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- Media Coordination & Content Development




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya