Luck versus Talent !

“Luck is the sense to recognize an opportunity and the ability to take advantage of it. The man who can smile at his breaks and grab his chances gets on."- Samuel Goldwyn This time of the year is considered to be nerve-wracking for the students appearing for the board exams. But it seems that it has been all joy and no stress for the students of Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension who would be appearing for their first ever CBSE Board Exams this year. After tirelessly struggling for the rights and education of the underprivileged, this School received recognition from the Government of India last year. The students are filled not only with a feeling of anxiousness and excitement, but moreover feel fortunate to get this opportunity and succeed equally among their privileged peers. Sixteen year old Neelam Singh, a student of Deepalaya feels privileged to get this opportunity unlike her seniors. She says that this is a golden opportunity to prove herself in front of her peers. She was the former Head Girl of the School and aims to get the highest marks this year in the boards. Nineteen year old Nahid Hussain has similar views. He feels that in this competitive world, in order to be at par with the peers, we need that equal opportunity as well. He says that he is proud to study at Deepalaya where the main focus is on quality education and moreover overall development of the student. Not just education, he has been the Captain of the Cricket Team and has won the title of Man of the Match in many of the matches. Being ecstatic at the opportunities given to her students, Ms. Anita Sawhney, Principal Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension wishes her students luck. She wishes that whatever they do in life, they should try to be the best in that. She says that after receiving recognition from the Government of India, the School has gained a competitive edge and this is an opportunity for the children to be at par with other students. As Robert Bennett rightly said, “It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared” and Deepalaya School is well prepared to this opportunity provided. Send Feedback to By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- Media Coordination and Content Development

Going Green!

“The difference between animals and humans is that animals change themselves for the environment, but humans change the environment for themselves”- Ayn Rand On 27th February, 2010, Dish TV partnered with Deepalaya and launched the campaign to save the environment- ‘PHENK MAT’ at Delhi Haat. The occasion had a kite flying competition symbolizing the aim to reach greater heights towards a cleaner and safer city. For this Deepalaya would be distributing 10,000 bags to the car owners who can keep the waste packets and bottles always in the bag. It was unquestionably a proud moment when the people at Delhi Haat appreciated the efforts of Deepalaya and its tireless efforts towards creating a better place for everyone around. As the name suggests, it is an initiative taken with an aim of reducing the amount of litter thrown from cars. It has been seen that usually we don’t really carry a bag with us while traveling and throw our waste packets on roads (if dustbins are not sighted). It is not just related to littering the roads, but other issues like road rage as well (Imagine driving on a stressful Monday morning in your two wheeler and suddenly this waste chips packet comes from no where on to your face and there you go with that head light gone). Delighted to be associated with Dish TV, Rtn. T. K. Mathew (Chief Executive & Secretary of Deepalaya) said, “We are glad to be associated with this campaign and it is indeed a great step towards making our city clean.” From educating the underprivileged to providing vocational training; from making a health clinic available in the village of Gusbethi to reaching out to the needy through mobile vans; from positive discrimination of girl child to gender resource centers; and now towards aiming for a clean Delhi, Deepalaya has indeed touched every area of concern. It has been more than three decades that the organization has been striving towards the rights of the needy. This time it is the call for making the city cleaner. Although the kite flying competition attracted a lot of youngsters, but the trail of kites depicted at the end of the competition enthralled the entire Delhi Haat. Adding the cherry on the cake on the bright sunny day was the overwhelming performance by the students of Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension to which the audience couldn’t stop tapping their feet.

Visit- (copy and paste the URL) and witness it yourself. Come forward towards making your city clean. Contact or call at 011-28525788 and avail the benefit of these environment friendly bags. Send Feedback/Suggestion to By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- Media Coordinator & Content Development




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya