The Power of Kiss!!!

‘The Indian women are ready to take on challenges and be independent’- Fredrik Widell, Managing Director, Oriflame India Deepalaya has been associated with Oriflame (India) for more than 3 years now. The Company sponsors the education of a 1000 girls at the Deepalaya Schools in Delhi. On 2nd January, 2010, the company organized a Leader’s Meeting where eight hundred top leaders in the form of direct sales consultants were present. This meet is organized every month in order to launch its various products as well as share other updates about the Company. Deepalaya students mesmerized the audience with their vibrant dance – a dandiya dance. On this occasion Ruby Kumari an alumni of Deepalaya who had been one of the sponsored girls shared her success story. She expressed her deep gratitude to Oriflame India whose sponsorship support allowed Deepalaya to reach out to more and more vulnerable children like her. Ruby today is training to be an Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife. Mr. T K Mathew Secretary and Chief Executive Deepalaya addressed the gathering sharing the organizations philosophy of ‘positive discrimination towards the girl child’ and how Oriflame India comprising all the Consultants has strengthened Deepalaya’s commitment towards the same. On the same day the Company also announced yet another support to the Girl Child Education program at Deepalaya- The ‘Power of Kiss’ campaign which commits Rs. 2/lipstick sold in the month of February. In order to further glam up the girls of today, the af Jochnick Foundation, Sweden, the parent body further announced doubling the contribution made by the Company. The net effect- more and more educated empowered beautiful girls ready to take on a future of security and dignity. This support received makes Team Deepalaya feel proud, stronger and motivated towards the issue of education and several other areas of intervention like health care, vocational training, gender equity and women empowerment. With this beautiful start of the New Year, we aim to try our best to ensure a dignified and secure future for the girls of India. Come forward and make “Power of Kiss” campaign mighty powerful. Here is an appeal to all Indian men and women to buy Oriflame lipsticks. And all you men out there….wondering what could be that special gift for Valentine’s Day-nothing better than the Oriflame brand of lipsticks. In that gift you give your lady love- you are gifting a right new world for a little girl lost in the wangles of poverty and deprivation. Send Feedback at- By- Pooja Sikka, Officer Media Coordinator and Content Development

The Struggle....

Honge kaamyaab, honge kaamyaab Hum honge kaamyaab ek din Ho ho mann main hai vishwas Poora hai vishwas Hum honge kaamyaab ek din.... ‘Free India’ was a dream of all Indians under the British rule. Looking back to the 62 years, we can say today that we have come really far and to the age of development. So does that mean we have 100 percent literacy in our country now? Or is our country developed enough to be called a golden bird again? Unfortunately, the answer to these is still 'NO'. We are still far flung from this dream. Day before the Christmas eve, when different eminent Schools in Delhi were preparing for their Christmas celebrations, the Principal of Deepalaya School Gole Kuan, Ms. Poonam Thakur was fighting her way out to provide her students with a Park to celebrate the School's Sports Day. The School is situated amongst a cluster of slums with a match box size compartments, yet it no where compromises on the quality of education. It was a sight to remember where she stood as a shield for her students and their rights of the basic childhood against the in charge/competent authority of the nearby Park. After going through various hardships and struggling nearly for two hours with the bureaucratic system, the Principal succeeded in her mission and got the desired venue for the celebration. The students with smiling faces along with their teachers celebrated the Sports Day with great enthusiasm and strength. The celebration started with the Bindi Race and Balloon Race with tiny-tots of UKG and LKG followed by Frog race and Sack race by the senior students. Every student was thrilled by the activities. The cheer-leaders from the houses motivated the participants to give their best shot. The children had an audience for the day too- the people living in the community.
Totally enthralled by the children's level of excitement, Ms. Rajni Arora, one of the teachers at DSGK said, "The children are enjoying to the fullest today and sports help children in their overall development". Agreeing to her, Ms. Poonam Thakur said “Sports Day is special for these children as they don't have a playground or any PT classes. This day helps them build their team spirit too". The day ended with a prize distribution ceremony and by giving refreshment to the students. Inspite of lacking a good infrastructure, this Deepalaya School is the strongest in the quality of education and the value it gives to its children. Like Diane Westlake says, “Whatever the struggle, continue the climb. It may be only one step to the summit.” In fact, sometimes, struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If we were to go through our life without any obstacles, we would be crippled. We would not be as strong as what we could have been. Give every opportunity a chance, leave no room for regrets. As the New Year unfolds, we at Deepalaya pledge to continue the fight for the underprivileged children and we believe Hum Honge Kamyab Ek Din... Send Feedback at- By- Pooja Sikka, Officer Media Coordinator and Content Development




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya