Non Formal Education (Annual Report 13 - 14)

Non-Formal Education

Father And Daughter Alliance

The Father And Daughter Alliance (FADA) has had a transformational impact in the lives of underprivileged families with girl children. Girls who were school drop-outs or had never even gone to school, are now showing outstanding results in terms of regularity and academic excellence.

Class April 2013 to March 2014
(Non School Going Students)
(School Going Students)
Total Enrollment 86
Average attendance 80%
Father's meeting
In India the patriarch of the family is still the primary decision maker. Through careful counseling, the FADA programme has been successful in sensitising the fathers about the importance of educating their daughters.
During the 2013 academic year, twelve father's meetings were held. Various topics were discussed, including girl child security and the different govt. schemes for girl child and special children.


A workshop on “Good Touch and Bad Touch organised by KD Singh Foundation Students participated in a rally on internation girl child day to promote girl education
A workshop on “Good Touch Bad Touch” was organized by Ms. K.D. Singh Foundation.
Sixty girls and teachers participated in the workshop.
Students participated in a rally on International Girl Child Day to promote girl education

SOS Nursing Training Course

The SOS Nursing Training Course was an initiative by Deepalaya to encourage community health and hygiene. Apart from performing their clinical duties, the students do Community Health Service also. At present, there are six students studying for nursing at SOS Nursing School, Faridabad, Haryana with the financial support from Shinnyo Scholarship Association. The Shinnyo-en Foundation helps NGO's in building more caring communities by supporting educational programs that engage and inspire young people in meaningful acts of service, while nurturing their own future.

Nursing her community back to health.

Varsha Gautam

Varsha Gautam, despite being in her 2nd year of her studies at the SOS Nursing school has had a monumental impact in the lives of the people that she's touched. Not only is she doing extremely well in her course, she has gone a step further and acquired practical knowledge by working in the OPD and the gynecology department of ESI hospital and BK Hospital. Her dedication is evident from the fact that she works both day and night shifts.
Varsha's passion for making a difference has motivated her to take to the streets and administer polio drops and give presentations to the community on health, hygiene and good living. Varsha, along with many others of her peers, is changing the outlook of the community members, one slum at a time.



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