Non Formal Education (Annual Report 2009-10)

Deepalaya's Education on Wheels busThe Second Model of Deepalaya Education Non Formal Education, along with that imparted through Remedial Education Centres at Deepalaya is a great advantage to students who have either never been to school before, or had dropped out at one point of time or are attending school elsewhere but need assistance to perform well.

Education on Wheels Programme

The Education on Wheels is a unique Deepalaya Programme where the School comes Home. The Edukans funded EoW bus powered-up by the Learning Centres (LCs) caters to the needs of street and working children, who are willing to study, but are unable to attend regular school for various reasons. Every day, this mobile school goes to four different locations in North Delhi,(Bhadolla, Haiderpur, Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar and Wazirpur). EoW runs 8 NFE Classes and 6 RECs in its 4 locations, along with Cutting and Tailoring Centres in each. It has also set up a Computer Training Centre in addition to the Open Basic Education (OBE) LCs there.

This year, the Project has successfully mainstreamed 292 children (out of 438 enrolments) into Government Schools and enrolled 252 children for Remedial Classes. 57 children were directly mainstreamed from the community. Additionally, 23 out of 27 children that appeared for OBE have passed, and 6 students were enrolled for Secondary class, fairly justifying the success of EoW. (See table on Non Formal Education)

EoW also works closely with the Community and conducts a number of Parent Meetings and Home Visits to create awareness and thus, convince maximum number of people to send their children to school. In addition to that, the Project also organizes various activities to lobby and advocate in collaboration with other like minded organizations. This year, EoW visited 11045 homes and conducted more than 150 meetings with parents, teachers and employer groups. It also organized various events to network with like-oriented NGOs and Schools. Of these efforts, links developed with SAHAS and Samvedna (NGOs), and Bal Bharati Public School have yielded positive results.

Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneurship is a concept of building up and promoting an individual’s self-reliance, while also ensuring that their community benefits from it. Deepalaya’s Social Entrepreneurs (SEs) are self-employed individuals from within the community, who are formally trained by Deepalaya to work for and contribute towards social development there. In bringing about this change-making process, they themselves also become financially-independent.

Deepalaya has 25 Social Entrepreneurs in 5 different locations namely VP Singh Camp, Sanjay Colony, Gandhi Basti, Gole Kuan and Y-Block Premises in South
Delhi. During the year all of them attended a 2-day-long formal training on English Speaking and How to be a good Social Entrepreneur. Deepalaya also trained them on teaching methodologies, record keeping and community organization. Thanks to collective efforts, our SEs have identified and educated more than 1300 children successfully under various NFE, REC and Pre-School Modules. (Ref Table on Non Formal Education)

Social Entrepreneurs also benefit the community by conducting Bal-Sabhas once a month to train children on various personal and life skills, organizing educational trips for infotainment, holding general and specific health camps, and carrying out various other activities like celebrating community events and festivals, running cleanliness drives and awareness campaigns and so on.

Table 2 Non Formal Education



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