Pavan K. Verma

Friends of Deepalaya- Pavan K Verma

"I write a column in the Newspaper "People like us", a column which seeks to highlight Individuals and organizations which are in their own little way trying to make a difference around them. In my search for such organizations, Deepalaya figured among the first.
Since then, Mr. Mathew kept in touch with me and together we masterminded to set up a group "Friends of Deepalaya".
This was followed by my visit to Deepalaya school, I see this visit as important for nurturing of faith that even in today's cynical, obsessed and materialistic world, there is an organization which symbolizes care and concern. It was particularly an invitation to joy, seeing the children in Deepalaya. Infra structure came as a surprise ! It was a proper school with proper class rooms and teachers, it was just right environment.
I am also sponsoring two Deepalaya children, I feel happy and a nice experience too, but I do feel I am not doing enough. I often motivate others to sponsor and think of doing more. Well, it is a nice feeling to give back the society in a small way.
I would like to congratulate Deepalaya and wish Deepalaya should grow further, become more aggressive in raising funds, should continue to remain transparent as it is today. Every one working with Deepalaya should get over the notion of completion of two decades and look ahead with confidence and with lot of ambition for many such decades."



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya