FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK... (Annual Report 2011)


President of Deepalaya Mr. AJ PhilipWhen the founding fathers of Deepalaya began their philanthropic endeavour by teaching five children from the slums in 1979, they could not have imagined that it would today become a preeminent civil society organisation that runs six formal schools and several non-formal educational centres in Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

The youngest of them -- the Deepalaya School at Titron near Saharanpur in UP -- is a classic case of how a community, though poor and underprivileged, can help build a school. Deepalaya merely played the role of a catalyst in the setting up and running of the school, a beacon of hope for the children of the area.

In keeping with the growth and expansion of Deepalaya, we have sought and obtained the status of an all-India body that can operate anywhere in the country. It is a de jure recognition of a de facto situation. Education continues to be the core concern of Deepalaya, as it seeks to improve the quality of teaching imparted in its schools. Cent per cent pass in the 10th Board examination at the Deepalaya School at Kalkaji Extension epitomizes our ongoing efforts to match quantity with quality.

In a country where women lag behind men in literacy, Deepalaya is proud that girls outnumber boys on its rolls. In our bid to ensure gender equity, we have been attempting affirmative actions like the partnership Deepalaya entered into to run the “Father and Daughter Alliance”, a success by any standard. It may be a mere coincidence that today Deepalaya has a lady as its Executive Director.

It was indeed touching when Eram Fatima, who secured a very high grade in the Board exam and was selected by the CBSE for a programme in Japan, was asked by a newsman whether she was the first from her village to go abroad, she shot back: “I was the first to go to a school”.
Elsewhere in the report we have narrated the story of Naresh Chunara, one of the six Deepalaya alumni, who is undergoing a one-year programme in the USA. It is a matter of immense satisfaction that some of those who learned the alphabets in Deepalaya schools are now its teachers. It is opportunities that make or break a person’s career. Deepalaya’s objective is to provide as far as possible equal opportunities to the children, who would, otherwise, have been sulking on the margins of society.

When nine-year-old Chanda says that “school is fun and holidays are boring”, we take it as a compliment, for our effort has been to make our schools truly children-friendly.

The Deepalaya Gram at Gusbethi in Haryana, considered an oasis by many, continues to grow making an impact on thousands of people in the area for whom the microfinance programme Deepalaya introduced remains a model of self-reliance. The Chameli Dewan Rural Health Centre Deepalaya runs there with a 12-bed base hospital and a mobile clinic has changed the lives of many like the 25-year-old Mafia, whose gripping story is narrated in this report.

Credibility, based on transparency, is the main strength of Deepalaya which has always been striving to practice the best norms in human relations and financial management. The global financial crisis, whose ramifications are felt in India too, has, of course, affected Deepalaya but it has not dented its determination to pursue excellence, with the patronage and support of all its partners, well-wishers, staff and the communities it is involved with.

I beseech their continued support as I present the Annual Report and statement of accounts for the year 2010-11. Your feedback is most welcome.

With all the best wishes.

President's Signature

AJ Philip



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