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Pearls from the Slums



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Engineering Emancipation


Celebrating Hope


Impacting Lives


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Blossoms from the Dust


˜Blossoms From the Dust" tells the story of transformation of underprivileged children, as a result of attending the Learning Centers managed by Deepalaya's six partner organizations with financial support from REACH India of USAID. The programme has been a tremendous success, as it achieved mainstreaming 4,932 non school going children against a target of 3,000, thanks to the rigorous capacity building and monitoring by Deepalaya and commitment of the 6 DRIP partners, namely, Alamb, Dr.A.V.Baliga Memorial Trust, Action for Self Reliance and Alternatives, Karmath Charitable Trust, Nirmana and Urbo Rural Integrated Development Association.




Silver Jubilee Publications

In the year 2005, Deepalaya celebrated its 25th Anniversary. To duly acknowledge its achievements, there has been a series of brochures
25 Child Achievers

25 Child Achievers

The document pens the success stories of 25 former students from different branches of Deepalaya School. Falling in the age group of 22-27, they come from various slums of Delhi. Overcoming the barriers of poverty, social traditions and cultures, these children have laid the foundation of a changed society, a society of confidence, career, hygiene, aspiration and health. The document is a blend of children pursuing higher education, working and self-employed. We are proud of them and wish them all the luck in their future endeavors! Download the PDF Document


25 Families Who Made A Difference

25 Families who made a Difference

For a child to grow, family makes a huge contribution. In tune with this thought, the next document of Deepalaya will focus on 25 families. They will be selected on the basis of social, cultural, educational, behavioral and economic changes in their lifestyle due to Deepalaya's intervention. We have observed many cases of positive changes in aspects like managing resources, aspiration levels, the desire to grow, but are convinced that a lot remains to be explored! Read the Document in English

Read the Document in Hindi


Celebrating Workers

Celebrating Workers


The occasion of silver jubilee is also the time to appraise the untiring efforts of our staff. It was a tough job to pick a handful from the vast pool of human resources, who have rendered their services to Deepalaya in the past and the present. Read more in 'Karm Nisth - Celebrating Workers'




Celebrating Partnerships

Celebrating Partnerships

Partnership is defined as an association in which a person or organisation is associated with another or others in an activity of common interest. Deepalaya is celebrating 25 years of partnership with various stakeholders and constituents. Read more in 'Sah-Vikas - Celebrating Partnerships'


Yatra - The Institutional Memory

Yatra - The Institutional Memory

This book encompasses aspects of the overall history, development, growth and processes of Deepalaya. The book tells the story of Deepalaya right from being a seedling to maturing into a tree, sheltering more than 50,000 children. Expanding from child to the family and reaching out to the community. Stretching from education to gender (girl child education) and restoration of rights (child labour, rehabilitation of street and working children, nurturing of the differently abled). Of course, not forgetting the hurdles faced and the lessons learnt! Read 'Yatra - The Institutional Memory' online or download the PDF version Note: To access files in PDF format, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar program installed on your computer.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya