Sponsorship Renewal

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Please send the eqivalent of Rs. ""/- to this address:
Marketing Department, Deepalaya
46, Institutional Area, D-Block, Janakpuri
New Delhi - 110 001, India

Note: please state your Name, Address and Contact Information as given in the previous form.

Through a Foundation in

You can send a Cheque / Demand Draft to

Deepalaya Foundation
16031 Sweetwater Creek Drive
Houston, TX 77095, U.S.A

for more information, you can contact Mr. Joseph Mathew, Treasurer of the Deepalaya Foundation at deepalayafoundation@houston.rr.com

The Friends of Deepalaya
P.O Box No. 8400678
Delvyns Gaston Street, East Bergholt
Colchester CO 7 6SD UK

for more information, you can contact Mr. Chris Tuppen at chris.tuppen@btinternet.com or via phone at 01206 298675 Förderverein Deepalaya Niederrhein e.V.
C/o Mr. Alfons Ruetter
Rheinstrasse 248
47546 Kalkar, Germany

for more information, you can contact Mr. Alfons Ruetter at Alfons.Ruetter@t-online.de

Payment Information

(a copy of this payment order will be sent to this address)
Credit Card Information

[For Indians]
Account No. 008701019372
B Block Janakpuri
New Delhi 110 058

[For NRIs and Foreigners]
Account No. 5853
The Federal Bank Ltd.
Connaught Circus
New Delhi 110 001
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