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“Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.” - Dr. BR Ambedkar

Kavita - an SHG member who has made her family self-reliant

From standing UP to standing OUT


FFairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten – G.K. Chesterton
Life had come full circle, when Kavita, a differently abled woman was married to a man, who could not stand on his own. While, it was a good decision, considering the kind of emotional support required for a person with disability. However, life became all-the-more difficult, as none of them could earn a living. It was equally difficult for them to find a job.

Meanwhile, Kavita came to know about Deepalaya's Microfinance program at Tavru and joined SHG Amrit during 2010-11. The program enabled her to take a loan for starting a small business. She took a loan of Rs. 1 lacs from Deepalaya and borrowed Rs. 50000/- from savings accumulated by the SHG. Soon his husband opened a small shop for repairing gas stoves and started saving a small amount from their monthly income.

Not only this, microfinance opened another avenue for Kavita as she started studying and passed her Matric. She also learnt tailoring and embroidery, started earning a living and repaid the entire loan. The couple is earning enough to take care of their children, educate them and plan for their future. When our survey team asked about how the program has benefitted her, she said, “Earlier I had one “BAISAKHI” to move, but Deepalaya is my second “BAISAKHI” to survive.



Aon Hewitt celebrates Global Service day


Considering that it is equally pertinent to serve the humanity as it is to work, Multi-National Companies have labelled certain days to be celebrated as Global Service day, as per their convenience. As a part of the firm's global mission, Aon Hewitt's nation-wide service day provides colleagues with an opportunity to take time off from their work to engage in charitable activities that focus on providing assistance to organizations that empower people and serveAON Hewitt celebrates Global Service Day at Gole Kuan communities at risk.

AON Hewitt celebrated its Global service day on 12th June with a small inauguration ceremony of the computer centre sponsored by them at Deepalaya Learning Centre, Gole Kuan. The entrance of the learning centre showcased the excellent creations of our students during summer vacations. There were pen stands, wall hangings, small bags and many more.

The day started with lighting of the lamp, tilak ceremony followed by a small cultural programme. It was amazing to see young Radha, a Deepalaya student to manage the stage with such elegance. One of the team members from AON was really impressed by the kind of confidence she exuberated.
The programme started with a devotional song. Thereafter Mr. T K Mathew, CE & Secretary addressed the audience comprising of 8 members from AON Hewitt, Deepalaya staff and teachers and computer students.

Mr. Yash Paul Singhal, IT head, AON apprised the students about how the IT revolution has made the world a small global village. “We can work for any country sitting here in India”, he said. That is what we do at AON. We work for many countries. Foreigners trust us as we have excellent IT skills”, he added. He wished that the computer centre will enable them to work for any IT company or even venture into their own business. The message was loud and clear.
Thereafter, students put up scintillating dance performances. The day ended with vote of thanks from Ms. Shikha Pal and distribution of gifts and eatables brought by AON team.

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Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya