Stories of Hope

Geeta Pal

My name is Geeta Pal and I have been teaching at the Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension for the past two years while also pursuing my graduation. My father works as a clerk and my mother is a housewife.

I was enrolled in Deepalaya School in UKG. After completing grade VIIIth I moved to a nearby government school. But I could not continue there as I found the environment different and difficult, and I returned to Deepalaya to completed my schooling.

Primarily the reason for my return to Deepalaya was the absence of love and care at other schools. Deepalaya teachers made us feel so special and gave individual attention. Studying at Deepalaya gave me confidence in dancing, singing, debating and in drama – and with accolades. My family is too happy that I have had this chance to grow.

I had always aspired to be a teacher and Deepalaya has given me that opportunity too. I am really thankful to my sponsor parents Mr Deepak Bahl and Deepalaya – the two ‘deeps’ of my life have indeed lit up my life!


I am Rajesh (20), working as a sales executive with Times Multimedia. I am also pursuing a degree through correspondence at Delhi University. My father works as a gardener and my mother is a housewife. My elder brother works in a callcentre and my younger sister is pursuing her college studies.

We have all studied at Deepalaya, which is what has helped us get to where we are today. It is the guidance and encouragement that my teachers gave me which led me to take up this job. I remember how my principal and teachers pushed us to speak in English. The equal stress on extra-curricular activities is perhaps what I enjoyed the most. And it helped build our confidence as well.

The most treasured moment of my life happened when I met with the President of India Dr. A.P.J. Kalam!

I am thankful to Deepalaya and my sponsor parents Mr M. L. Dewan for giving me a firm foundation in life. May many more needy children benefit from your support.

Mamta Joshi Mamta Joshi

My name is Mamta Joshi and I am a dance teacher at the K R Mangalam World School in West Delhi. I studied at Deepalaya till class VIIIth and then went on to complete my education from a government school.

I am the only child of my parents and they always desired my secure future. However lack of resources stood in their way. That is where Deepalaya stepped in with their sponsorship support and helped to translate my parent’s dreams into reality.

In addition to academics Deepalaya recognized and encouraged my talent for dance. The caring, patient and ever encouraging teachers have contributed to my present position. I have completed my graduation, done a diploma in Computer Application and have qualified several exams in Rabindranatyam- a form of Tagore dance. I have also received various scholarships including one from the Dept. of Culture Govt. of India.

When I look back I realize that Deepalaya’s emphasis on extra curricular activities has paid such rich dividends in my life. True to its name Deepalaya has enlightened every corner of my world.

Lata Srivastava Lata Srivastava

I am Lata Srivastava in my final year of Diploma in Special Education from Delhi Society for the Welfare of Mentally Retarded Children. I am also pursuing Bachelour of Arts' through correspondence at Delhi University.

My father works in a private company and my mother is a housewife. She was earlier working as a teacher at Deepalaya Non- Formal Education classes. I have two younger sisters, both are studying. I come from a community where education of girls is not given importance. But my parents believed otherwise. With Deepalaya’s support they have been able to achieve their goal.

Throughout my schooling, it has been Deepalaya’s guidance that kept me going. Teachers always encouraged us to plan our lives and helped us to meet our expectations.

I became interested in the field of Special Education because of my contact with Deepalaya. But pursuing a formal training in this field was a challenge because of the high costs. At this juncture Deepalaya came forward to provide me the Sponsorship from Mr.Jyoti Sagar, a trusted friend of Deepalaya. This support realized my dream of higher education. I have scored a first division in my first year. Deepalaya has always stood beside me and encouraged me in each and every step of my life. Thank you Deepalaya and Jyoti Sagar Sir. I am confident that with your support I will be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a professor.

Mithu Roy Mithu Roy

'It is a pleasure to be a teacher at Deepalaya School, Sanjay Colony', says Mithu Roy. I have been able to explore my identity as an independent woman only because of the support from Deepalaya, where I studied till the eighth standard and then completed my education from a Government School. After graduating from Delhi University, I am now pursuing a post graduate diploma in Nursery Primary Teacher Training (NPTT).

I come from a family of five. My father sells fish and my mother is a housewife. My elder sister is married and is working. My elder brother works in a computer firm. Overcoming the financial constraints, today we are independent and established due to help from Deepalaya. My parents always wanted to provide us good English medium education but financial constraints prevented them from pursuing their dreams. Then, Deepalaya stepped in, where we received affordable, quality education.

Being a student at Deepalaya School is real fun – there was a stress on academics along with encouragement to take part in all kinds of extra curricular activities, which gave me a lot of confidence. I shall always cherish the loving care and guidance I received from everyone. Now as a teacher I try to extend the same to all my students.

I had always wanted to be a teacher and when Deepalaya gave me the chance, I did not miss it. For some, opportunity knocks once but for me it knocked twice. First, when I spent school days at Deepalaya School and secondly when I was offered to join as a teacher in the school, I had studied. Deepalaya built my foundation and today I can use my skills to motivate more and more children. I thank Deepalaya for giving me this chance.

Vinod Kumar Singh Vinod Kumar Singh

My name is Vinod Kumar Singh and I am a computer operator at Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts. I had done my Graduation from Delhi University and have also done a computer course from IICE. I studied in Deepalaya till VIIIth grade and then completed my schooling from a Government School.

We are four siblings. My parents have always desired a secure future for all of us. But lack of resources never permitted them to do so. That is when Deepalaya came to our rescue and gave us an opportunity to learn. Deepalaya helped me in emerging as a frontrunner.

Apart from academics I have always been enthused to participate in extra curricular activities.The encouraging teachers of Deepalaya have made me what I am. I have been able to plan out my life and career path. That’s because Deepalaya has always taught me to dream and pursue the right path to achieve my dreams. I want to become a successful computer professional.

Deepalaya has indeed come as a boon for the people living in the slums.




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