Vision and Mission (Annual Report 2009-10)


A society based on legitimate rights, equity, justice, honesty, social sensitivity and a culture of service in which all are self-reliant.


To identify and work along the economically and socially deprived, the physically and mentally challenged - starting with children, so that they become educated, skilled and aware.

Enable them to be self-reliant and enjoy a healthy, dignified and sustainable quality of life And to that end, act as a resource to and collaborate with other agencies - governmental or non-governmental, as well as suitably intervene in policy formulation.



In order to strengthen Deepalaya’s agenda of providing quality services to its stakeholders, we have achieved another feat towards quality assurance.With great pride we would like to inform you that Deepalaya is now an ISO 9001:2008 organization, one amongst a few social work organizations in the country who have been credited with this certification!

What is ISO 9001?

Deepalaya an ISO 9001 certified organisationInternational Organization for Standardization ISO 9001 is an international Standard which is widely known and an internationally accepted model for a quality system, and the basis of many highly effective quality systems. The Standard can be applied to any size of company or organisation, any industry and any country, for both services and products. The Standard itself consists of a set of requirements, which specify what a company must do.

How it would benefit Deepalaya?

An ISO 9001 system signifies the credibility of Deepalaya. It is an indication that at the organization there is greater management control, greater clarity about what we do and how, improvements in customer satisfaction, having a ‘much better handle’ on what we are doing, increased employee satisfaction, reduced rework and frustration, and reduced maintenance effort. For Deepalaya, the certification helps it to stand apart from many other NGOs across the country. Certification to ISO 9000 is recognised as a powerful means for recognising best practice in the organization.

This organization would also recognize an effective Quality Management i. e reduced costs. This helps us to become more reliable, to be accountable to our beneficiaries, and help us to have a better documentation process and a systematic process of control and flow.

What were the observations at Deepalaya?

It was observed by the team of ISO officials that the systems and procedures in the organization are systematically followed at every level of the hierarchy. It also indicates that the organization is committed towards providing best services in the most efficient manner to all its stakeholders. It further highlights the organization’s ethics of transparency, accountability and credibility.



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Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya