Vocational Training ( Annual Report 13 - 14)

Vocational Training

Through its Vocational Training Centre (VTC), Deepalaya aims to provide marketable skills to unemployed youth so that they and their families can become self reliant. The VTC courses are specially designed to impart teamwork, decision making skills and leadership qualities upon the beneficiaries.

In 2013, Deepalaya and NIIT set up the IT and Soft Skill 'SMART COURSE'. Through this course, students were taught Computer Usage (including MS Office and the Internet), English and Interpersonal skills. The course as divided into three levels – Basic, Elementary and Advanced.

Smart Courses registrations details during 2013-14 Basic IT Course:
  • Basic Computer
  • English and Communication
  • Skill Development
Advance Computer Course:
  • Web Designing and Networking
  • Computer Networking
  • HTML


Building a brighter future

Building brighter future through smart courses Upon completing their VTC course, the students
are awarded a certificate from NIIT that can help
them get a lucrative job.

Currently six students have been placed as 'data
entry operator' at the Post office, Lajpat Nagar
with a salary of Rs 72,000 per annum.



Mamta - Defying odds

Mamta - Defying odds

Mamta is a 19 year student of Deepalaya whose father, due to his ailing health, can no longer support the family. She joined the VTC programme to complete her NIIT advanced certificate programme. Having done so, she now works as a Data Entry Operator in the Lajpat Nagar Post Office in Delhi. She has also become a major contributor towards her family's household income.


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Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya