Vocational Training (Annual Report 2009-10)

Just a good academic record and expertise in the subject matter alone does not guarantee one a job today. For a secure tomorrow, one needs to be fairly employable in the industry. Taking cue from this, and furthering on its motto of Enabling Self-Reliance, Deepalaya introduced the Vocational Training Programme for developing professional, career oriented skills along with the crucial Life Skills for its students to confidently face the challenges of an increasingly competitive society.

The Vocational Training Programme at Deepalaya is closely-linked with its Education, Gender Equity and other Rehabilitation programmes. This symbiotic co-existence allows both Deepalaya students as well as other people to collectively benefit from the various Life Skills modules available at 13 Deepalaya Vocational Centres running in the states of Delhi, Haryana and Uttarakhand.

Deepalaya Vocational Centres.

A person learning electronics in Deepalaya Vocational Training CentreTraining for a lifetime.With popular trades like Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Electrical, AC & Refrigeration, Beauty Culture, Cutting & Tailoring and Dress Designing, Deepalaya imparts such skills to its beneficiaries that make them directly employable in their respective professions. Not just that, we even go a step further by linking them up with Corporate Houses and other prospective employers for immediate absorption in the market. Additionally, in many cases,
Deepalaya has prepared individuals through the Vocational Training Programme, and then helped them establish a home-grown business of their own through the Gender Equity Programme.

The Deepalaya Vocational Centre (earlier known as VTC), was re established in August 2009 at Panchsheel Vihar, South Delhi with the financial support of Tech Mahindra. The beginning was slow but soon admissions have picked up and by March 2010, 125 students had enrolled in the various courses (see table below)

Deepalaya Vocational Centres are formal training centres where people from poor backgrounds get empowered for life. Through 13 establishments in three states, Deepalaya has been able to coach hundreds of people, and made them better prepared for the life that lies ahead. Many Corporate Houses, PSUs, Trusts and Individuals walk with us towards our greater mission of Enabling Self Reliance through Life Skills Training.

Deepalaya Vocational Training Centre



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