Vocational Training Centres (Annual Report 2009-10)

Table 3 Vocational Training Centre beneficiaries

From immobility to dignity

26 year old Sapna is a native of Rajasthan. Who moved to Delhi when she got married. The year March 2005 saw Sapna’s family celebrating the birth to her second child. Little did they know that this joy was short-lived. During the delivery the blood circulation in her right leg suddenly stopped and gradually she lost sensation in the leg and within a fortnight of the grand celebration her leg had to be amputated.

Life became a challenge for Sapna and her family. The constant medical treatment, immobility and the frequent periods where her husband had to take a break Sapna challenging the problems with strong determinationfrom work, all took a toll on the family’s peace of mind. Her husband, who worked as a helper at a private shop barely earned ` 3000 per month. Both the daughters were also enrolled in Government Schools.

Last year during a regular community visit, the Deepalaya team met with Sapna who had become shattered person considering herself a curse on her family.
The family was counseled to deal with the situation practically and it was revealed that Sapna was a class X pass out and that she was keenly learning computers. Subsequently she was enrolled in the Computer Software Program and was also encouraged to complete Senior Secondary Schooling through the Open School.

After completing the training, Sapna joined as a Customer Care Executive with Philips. Before she appeared for the interview she was prepared by Deepalaya staff thoroughly on presentation skills, body language, personality traits etc. Today she earns ` 4500 per month, is confident and smiling once again... most importantly her dignity has been restored She now wants to learn further and be a good teacher for her children and an efficient manager at home!!.




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