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Annual Report 1980-1981

Deepalaya Annual Report for the year 1980-81. The report is an account of community work that we as an organization doing for the less-privileged people of society. The report is a detailed document about our work, impact, collaboration, donors, and financials.

Annual Report 1980-1981

The society was formally registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI on 3.12.1980.

Activities Of Society

The main activity of the society was running the school. The Principal and member Mrs. Grace Thomas and the Treasurer of the society Mr. Y Chackochan took interest in the running of the school and the appreciation of the society recorded here. Without their unsolicited support and enthusiasm it would have been impossible to carry on the activities of the school.

The school had a strength of 41 students, three teachers, a maid servant and one rickshaw driver apart from the Principal. At present the school has a strength of 85 students, 3 teachers, a maid servant, two rickshaw drivers and the Principal. It is our great pleasure to report about the reputation, our school enjoys as the students of Deepalaya have good academic standards and of good moral formation that admission sought in popular public schools are given with appreciation.
The finances of the school has moved out of the red but the loans taken from the members are still a liability. The accommodation in which the school is functioning will have to be vacated and a new suitable accommodation found, which is not easy and will be extremely costly.

The society has registered with Delhi Telephones for a telephone connection for the school under priority category.
The society and the school have to grow substantially before it can obtain recognition and become eligible for a plot of land to construct the school building. The main bottleneck is the lack of resources.
The society has registered for a van to be used as conveyance for students and delivery is expected to be obtained with in the next six months for which also resources are to be raised.
The members are exhorted to take further keen interest in the development of the school and the society and uphold them as model institution worthy of its objectives.

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