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Annual Report 1983-1984

Deepalaya Annual Report for the year 1983-84. The report is an account of community work that we as an organization doing for the less-privileged people of society. The report is a detailed document about our work, impact, collaboration, donors, and financials

Annual Report 1983-1984
The principle of positive discrimination prevailed upon and the number of children from weaker sections raised to 52 from 17 of last year.

Deepalaya Society continues to involve  itself in  the running of Deepalaya School, the main activity. The  year 1984  was of significance for Deepalaya as it has  expanded upon the  activities  of education for weaker  sections  initiated  in 1983.

Deepalaya School

Inspire of the constraints faced due to inadequate space, for the school  to  expand  and  the financial  strain  etc.,  the  school maintains a cumulative growth in the number of admissions as well as in the  quality of education rendered. The untiring efforts of the  Principal and teaching staff in maintaining the  educational standards  and  good discipline is  appreciated.  The  tabulation below  will give the strength of the school during  the  academic year 1984-85.

Period  Nursery KG Standard I  Standard II Total  Using van
April 28 15 8 6 57 32
May 29 11 8 6 54 37
July 37 18 9 6 70 36
August 55 18 9 6 88 50
September 55 18 9 6 88 48
October 58 19 9 6 92 55
November 60 19 8 6 93 56
December 59 19 8 6 92 55
January 55 19 7 6 87 55

When the academic year started in April 1984 the strength was  57 and  in  January the strength has increased to 87.  The  students using the van has increased from 32 to 55 during the same period.

Although  it  was intended to have classes upto  Standard  V,  it could  not materialise due to want of accommodation.  Also,  more children  could  not be attracted due to the uncertainty  in  the availability  of better accommodation which may remain a  problem until the school acquires its own land and buildings and to  have classes upto 10 + 2 levels.

Free School

The  free  school  section has made  substantial  stride  in  its growth.  Initiated in September (12.9.83) with five  students,  the number  has  increased  to 52 by the end  of  December   1984.

Altogether  Deepalaya  has a strength of  (87+44)  131 students, including the 44 free school students.

The  potentiality  to  improve upon the  services  which  can  be rendered  to the weaker section, an avowed policy  of  Deepalaya was pursued throughout the year.

In  the process various funding agencies were contacted  who  are interested  in  the  welfare  of  children  belonging  to  weaker section. We were privileged with the visit of M/s Pierre  Bernard Lebas  of  Aide et Action, Paris and Beppe Lubatti  of  Movimento Svillupo  E Pace, Italy as also Mrs. Pande of Save  the  Children Fund, UK. They looked at Deepalaya with interest and may help  in extending  educational facilities to children belonging  to  poor families.

Deepalaya  is  also in dialogue with Foster Parent Plan,  USA  to take  up geographical area for community development  with  child welfare  as  focus.   With  the help  of  PRADAN  a  professional organization, survey is under progress of Najafgarh and Kanjhwala blocks   of  outer  Delhi.  The  possibility  and  potential   of sponsoring  a  good number of children and develop  through  them their families is being studied.

The Annual Fete

The  annual fete as usual in aid of the school was  conducted  on 16.9.84.   A   sum  of  Rs  15,624.00   was   collected   through advertisements,  entry tickets and sale from stalls. A sum of  Rs 2,705.05  was spent towards printing and other expenses. The  co- operation  and support received from parents, well  wishers  and friends  of Deepalaya are gratefully acknowledged. We  count  on the  continued  support  of  all to extend  the  benefit  of  our activity to more deserving people.

School Premises

An attempt to put up two rooms upstairs of the existing premises from  where the school is functioning is still to  be  completed. Our thanks are to the owner, who gave permission and members, who gave  personal  loans and supervision to raise the rooms.  It  is hoped that the rooms will be ready for occupation soon.


The  financial position is far from satisfactory. The  need   for advance  payment  towards  acquiring  accommodation  and  capital needed  for  putting up temporary accommodation  and  such  other capital requirements keep the society in the red and restrains it in extending benefit to deserving poor.
While concluding this report, thanks are extended to the members, staff,  friends,  supporters, well wishers of  Deepalaya.  It  is hoped  that Deepalaya marches ahead in expanding its  efforts  in the service of the weaker sections who need services most.



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