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Annual Report 1984-1985

Deepalaya Annual Report for the year 1984-85. The report is an account of community work that we as an organization doing for the less-privileged people of society. The report is a detailed document about our work, impact, collaboration, donors, and financials.

Annual Report 1984-1985
Deepalaya enters Child Focussed Integrated Urban Development, a new chapter begins in Capital’s welfare programme.

The year 1985 was very fruitful for Deepalaya as the concern of  Deepalaya for the weaker sections has been given practical expression.

Deepalaya School:

Conducting  Deepalaya School was the major pre-occupation of  the Society. The major constraint, is lack of proper accommodation to expand the school to higher classes or to admit more children  in the lower classes seeking entry, especially from weaker sections. However  the  progress  during 1985-86  is  very  consoling.  The standard  of education the discipline of children etc.  are  well appreciated.  The  strength  of the  school  during  the  present academic year is given below.

Paying Section:

Nursery class    43,      Kinder Garten  21,       Class I   9,        Class II   5,         Class III   5,      Total 85
Sponsored and Free Section:    Nursery class (3 divisions)      92 ( but integrated with playing session),      Kinder Garten     13   and  Class I  3.
So the total was 109 and Grand Total 85 + 109 = 194


During the year we had a staff strength of 16, which included  10 teachers,  2  ayas, a driver, a cleaner, a social worker  and  a clerk. Assistance from Pradan for the social worker ( Development Associate is gratefully acknowledged.)
The sponsored session of the school is supported by Aide et Action, Paris and Save the Children, UK  by sponsoring 50  children each. The children who are sponsored by parents abroad and supported by them are provided with free education, free transport to and from the school, free uniforms & sweaters, free nutritive supplement, free medical checkup, free teaching aids and stationery and free educational tour and picnics. The improvements seen in the children from the slums are very encouraging and  find a lot of satisfaction for those who are involved in the activities.

Temporary Construction:

In order to admit more children from the weaker sections, two temporary rooms were put up on the first floor of the building occupied by the school.  A deposit of Rs.15,000/- had to be paid to the land lord and a sum of approx. Rs.20,000/- had to be invested during last years and this year for this additional space. A sum of Rs.22,173/- received from MSP Italy through Giovanni Ermiglia is gratefully acknowledged, without which it would have been difficult to achieve this.

Annual Fete:

The annual fete in aid of the school was conducted on 15.9.1985.A sum of Rs.22,270/- was collected through advertisements, entry tickets and sale in stalls. A  sum of Rs.3,447.60 was spent towards the expenses of the fete. The co-operation and support of parents, friends and well wishers of Deepalaya is acknowledged gratefully.


Considering the need of development/social work among the weaker sections in Delhi slums/relocated colonies, negotiations are under way with foster parent Plan International USA through its Delhi Office. The proposal is to take up community Development Works in there located colonies of West Delhi through a sponsorship programme. If approved by the agency the programme can be launched in 1986.87 financial year details of which are too early to indicate being at the very preliminary stage. However once launched, it would be a massive programme and Deepalaya may be able to reach out a large number  of  deserving people in the slums through education, health  income  generation and community development.


While  the recurring costs are met during the year  without  much strain,  thanks  to  Aide et Action  Paris,  Save  the  Children, London, Movimento Svillupo Pace, Torino and Giovanni  Ermiglia, the  problem of finding capital to acquire land or  accommodation is still there. The Secretary is approaching donors and others to obtain  finance  for  purchase  of land  to  put  up  proper  and permanent accommodation for the school.


The hope for the future is to provide better humanitarian service to the poor, deserving and needy in a manner conducive to their culture, environmentally enlisting their participation. Thanks are also due to the members of Deepalaya who gave their unstained support and encouragement in many ways.

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