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Annual Report 1985-1986

Deepalaya Annual Report for the year 1985-86. The report is an account of community work that we as an organization doing for the less-privileged people of society. The report is a detailed document about our work, impact, collaboration, donors, and financials.

Anual Report 1985-1986
One of the largest INGO Plan International collaborated with Deepalaya to carry out integrated Development in the slums of Delhi.

The year1986 was an year of growth in  terms of serving a larger member of children from weaker sections of Society. The Deepalaya School Programme and the Urban Community Development programme added in 1986 provide the forum for rendering better services to the children marginalised families and communities.

Deepalaya School

Running Deepalaya School is one of the two major activities of the Society. While the major bottleneck of lack of proper accommodation for the school the progress has been quite encouraging. The impact the school has made on the children their parents and the community around was so good that the management in consultation with interested parents had to start a second  shift of the school in the afternoon. The resulted in admitting over 200 students to the school during the beginning of the academic year although last year the society was at a loss as to how it can extend quality education with better discipline to children of weaker sections.

Nursery 2 The children in paying section
Kinder Garden 12 is becoming less as the society
Standard I 4 assign importance to children
Standard II 3 from weaker sections.
Standard III 2 They pay a fee of Rs.60/-per
Standard IV 2 month
Total 51




Sponsored Section”(Morning)   Sponsored Section”(Afternoon)  
Nursery A 28 Nursery A 28
Kinder Garden A 26 Nursery B 30
Kinder Garden B 28 Nursery C 29
Standard I 14 Nursery D 38
Standard II 2 Nursery E 29
    Nursery F 23
Total 101 Total 169


Non Sponsored “(Paying token  fees)

Nursery                  33 – 23 children pay @ Rs.20/­ per month and
10 children pay @ Rs.10/­  each month.)

Total strength of students 356. Out of 356 students, 198 are boys and 158 are girls.

Teachers and Staff

Principal 1
Teachers 16  Morning 9 and afternoon 7
Aaya (aids) 4  (2 each)
Social worker 1
Driver 1
Cleaner 1
Typist 1
Accountant cum clerk 1
Total  26

The  ratio of teacher to student is kept very low so that  better attention is given to children who are from slums so as to  bring them to good standards of education.

Health Checkups And Treatment

The  children are given periodical health check up and  treatment through  the  services of a homeopathic doctor,  who  visits  the school  once  a  week  on an  appointed  day.  The  children  are immunised  against  chicken pox,  measles,  Diphtheria,  Tetanus, Whooping  cough, mums, BCG etc. They are given  treatment  against skin rashes, scabies, infections, eye viruses, cough and cold etc.


Children are provided every school day with a glass of milk each. Milk powder is obtained from the Central Relief Committee at  the instance  of  Save the Children Fund, UK and India.  Apart  from milk,  each  child is given either an egg or  fruits  or  biscuit every day. The nutrition has improved the health of children. The growth chart maintained at the school with the help of the doctor and  social  worker  amply   verifies  the  physical  growth   in children and the relative improvement in their intelligence.


The  children are provided with uniform made up of shirt or  top, skirt or shorts. socks, belt and shoes.

Picnics, Education Tour And Physical Exercises

The  school  had gone for 5 picnics to various  places in  Delhi namely  Qutab  Minar, zoo, Bal bhawan, children’s  park  etc.  The children are given physical exercise every day. For want of space in  the school premises the physical exercises are  conducted  in the parks and gardens nearby.

Cultural Programme/Singing/Dancing etc.

With a view to improve the inherent talents of children, time  is set   apart  to teach them singing, dancing, dramatics  etc.  The skill acquired during  the year is proposed to  the  displayed   by children on the school day function, during which the parents and public could also assess the learning in these items. To help  in this, necessary musical instruments were purchased.


The  school celebrates the national days like  Independence  day, Republic Day etc. by organising some functions. Also Christmas is celebrated and Christmas Father (Santa Claus) gives gifts to each child.  The school day is another occasion during  this  academic year, in which students will take part actively.

The  paying children will have all the above  services  at cost  and  the sponsored children are rendered all  the  services free of cost.

Integrated Urban Community Development/ Deepalaya Plan programme

In  partnership with foster parent Plan International,  Deepalaya Education   Society  launched  an  urban  community   development programme in one of the relocated colonies of West Delhi. With  a view   to   accomplish   the   goal   of   universalization   and vocationalization  of  education, the  following  programmes  and activities  in  various areas of  development,  viz.,  education, health,  recreation, and income generation are undertaken by  the project.

The area of education covers the following aspects:  Balwadis: The  project is running two balwadis, covering 60 children of age group  3-7 years. It is proposed to add 3 more  balwadis  shortly for which 3 teachers are undergoing training. Remedial Teaching : The  project is running 19 coaching classes for the  children  in classes  I to VI who are attending schools. The total  number  of beneficiaries in the same group at present is 560. Non Formal Education :  The project has conducted surveys and explored the  possibilities of  running  10 non formal education centres for  the  non-school going children, women  and girls of age group 125-35 years in this budget year. Health : A survey has been conducted. To meet the general immediate  needs of  the  families,  a  doctor has been  requested  to  visit  the community  once in a week and he agreed to give his  services.  A detailed  programme for health check up of the Balwadi  children, (400) and parents of foster children is being organised. Income Generation Programme :  Attempt  is made to coordinate with various agencies and  offices to assist the families having potentialities to generate income. Recreation/Tours : 164 children from the Foster families have joined the education- cum recreational  trips  (two) organized by the project  to  the zoological park and children’s park, New Delhi. Parents/Youth Clubs meeting : A  cricket  club has been formed with a view  to  develop  sports among the children and a constructive participation of youth  for their  self development, child and family welfare development  and neighbor  hood development. The club is running smoothly and  is organizing  meets with other clubs. The youth club  assisted  the project in arranging the tours and celebration of Republic Day.  Parents  meeting is a regular feature to motivate the parents  to take  interest in education of the children and to sustain   their interest.  Remedial  class  teachers  and  Balwadi  teachers  are arranging the meetings monthly. Enrollment Sponsorships : The  project  has already sent 343 case history drafts  to  Delhi Plan  Representation Office, Kalkaji, who had sent 277  cases  to International Headquarters.


The statement of accounts duly audited by a chartered  accountant is  available for perusal. During 1966, substantial support  came from  Aide et Action, Paris, Save the Children Fund,  UK,  Foster Parent  Plan International, USA  through  sponsorship/programme. The financial position for day to day operation of the  programme is quite satisfactory. However, funds for acquiring land for  the school  is not forthcoming and it is a problem for the  children, who take advantage of Deepalaya.


Except  for the problem of proper accommodation for  the  school, which  affects the extension of services to the weaker  sections, Deepalaya  Education  Society is making steady  progress  in  its activities  of serving the poor and needy in the urban  slums  of Delhi, through education and allied programme areas. Deepalaya is grateful  to  the  people in the slums  for  their  co-operation, supporting  partner  agencies and others  who  assist  Deepalaya. Thanks  are  also due to the staff and members of  the  Executive Committee of Deepalaya Education Society for their hard work  and co-operation.


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