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Annual Report 1986-1987

Deepalaya Annual Report for the year 1986-87. The report is an account of community work that we as an organization doing for the less-privileged people of society. The report is a detailed document about our work, impact, collaboration, donors, and financials.

Annual Report 1986-1987
Plan International is followed by ICCO and FCE to support the Deepalaya mission of Enabling The Child Look Beyond Slums.

The  year 1987 was for various reasons a year of turmoil, yet  the understanding  between  the super powers on  Nuclear  disarmament gives a ray of hope for peace. However the real peace will only be enjoyed when poverty and neglect are  eliminated from the surface of the  earth.  Deepalaya is making its  own  humble  contribution towards world peace.

The  year 1987 for  Deepalaya Education Society was  yet  another year of growth and progress. The cumulative growth is substantial although the spurt was recent.

Deepalaya activities can be divided into two streams, one in  the institutional stream confined to the running of Deepalaya School in which  children from lower middle class and children from  weaker sections  living in slums are educated. Majority of the  children from  the slums are given free education and are supported   under the sponsorship programme. The other stream is community oriented and  also  supported  through a sponsorship  programme  by  Foster Parent Plan International. It is called Deepalaya Plan Programme. It  is  my pleasure to give an account of the progress  achieved  in 1987 through this annual report.

Deepalaya School

During  1987,  the  school  has not made  any  real  progress  on physical  aspects.  The  qualitative  improvement  made  by   the students  in  their  studies, health and behavior  is  the  only satisfaction.  Due to the problems of accommodation,  the  school stopped new enrollment. As many as 270 students are sponsored  of which 150 are sponsored by Aide et action, Paris, France and  120 by  Save the Children, England, UK. The strength of the  school  is slightly  reduced  in  1987  due to  the  fact  that  there  were dropouts. The positions of sponsored dropouts were filled in from the  group of students, who were not sponsored but  supported  by the society and this group was not maintained  at the same number due to stoppage of new enrollment.

Strength of  School

Paying Section ( Morning )

Standard III 2
Standard II 4
Standard I 3
Kinder Garden 10
Nursery 37
Total 56



These students are pay a monthly fee of Rs. 60/- for tution and Rs. 40/- towards the use of conveyance.

Sponsored Section – (Morning and Evening ) at Chittaranjan Park.

Boys Girls Total
Nursery 51 45 96
Lower KG 29 11 40
KG 44 43 87
Standard I 14 8 22
Standard II 2 5 7
Standard III 2   2
Sponsored Section at Kidwai Nagar      
Standard I 4   4
Standard II 8 4 12
Total 154 116 270

Non Sponsored But Supported By The Society

Nursery  3 7 10
LKG 3 5 8
Standard I 1 1 2
Total 7 13 20

Total strength of school – 56 + 270 + 20 = 346

Teachers and Staff 

Principal  :1,      Teachers  : 16,     Aya (Aids)  : 4,      Drivers  : 2,     Helpers to Drivers  :2,     Typist  :1, Sponsorship
Administrator  : 1,     Social Worker  : 1.
The ratio of students / teacher is21 students to a teacher which enables personal attention to each student.


The sponsored children are given tuition, transport to and from school, books, stationery and teaching aids, uniforms, nutrition and medical care, educational tours and picnics free of cost, whereas the paying section children pay tuition fees and transport charges and arrange for themselves every other need except for books and stationery centrally supplied by the school at cost price. During 1987, the school has acquired one Bajaj mini bus under the deemed export scheme with the assistance of Aide et Action, Paris. The milk powder provided by general health. During the year the medical check ups included examination of stool for parasites and those affected were given deworming treatment. The services of the homeopathy doctor is availed continuously. The children are given nutrition supplement apart from milk by way of fruits, eggs etc. regularly.


As   usual   the  school  celebrated  the  national   days   like Independence Day, Republic Day etc., as also Christmas and other occasions.


The school had the visit of a few parents sponsoring children and representatives from  partner organisations supporting the sponsorship programme.

Cooperation With St. John’s School/ Mar Thoma Church Society

The  St.  John’s School was prompted to start an  afternoon  free school session for slum children. The society members helped with contacts for enrollment of children, recruitment of teacher  etc. The  society  was  negotiating with Save the  Children  fund  for support under sponsorship to these children in St. John’s School.

Sponsorship Administration

As  usual the foster parents were provided with two letters  from the  sponsored  students and an annual progress report  from  the society.  The  communication  between the  parents  and  students through the society has become a vital link and medium for mutual education and understanding of development.


Deepalaya  Plan Program is presently working with 1370  sponsored families residing in a resettlement colony of West Delhi. 1166 of the sponsored families were enrolled in the past one year (ie Jan ’87  to  Dec ’87). On the basis of felt/actual  needs  of  these sponsored  families  the following programmes  were  launched  by Deepalaya Plan.

In  the  field of Education, The Following Programmes  Have  Been Undertaken.


Five  Balwadi justifys have been up for children in the age  group of  3  to  6  years.  189  children  are  participating  in  this  programme.  The children are taught by play way methods.  Regular growth  monitoring  of each and every child  is  being  ensured. Children in grade II and grade III are closely monitored and  the mothers  are being educated about ways and means of  putting  the child  on the road to progress. Regular  parent teacher  meetings are being organized so as to provide a platform for  interaction. The children were also taken to the circus.

Non formal education

Deepalaya  PLAN  has  one  non formal  education  justify  for  51 children in the age group of 6 to 12 years who have either  never been enrolled in school or are school dropouts. Condensed courses of formal school curriculum are being provided to these  children so  that  they  can  be put back  into  the mainstream  of  formal education.  Educational  tours  were  also  organised  for  these children.
Approximately  150 children were admitted to a formal  school  by Deepalaya Plan in class I to class V.
Three  Non formal education justifys have been set up for the  age group of  14 to 40 years and the strength is 83.  Health  education forms an integral part of this programme. This group participated in  an  inter  agencies competition  (  29  voluntary organisation participated)  organised by State Resource Center of Jamia  Millia and won a number of prizes.

Remedial Education Center

15 REC justifys have been set up for children who are studying  in class  I to class VI and the strength is 764. 95% of the  students were  promoted  into  the  next class and  fared  well  in  their examinations.  The children were provided school  uniforms,  bags and  stationery. Educational tours were also organised for  these children.  Regular parent teacher meetings are held in  order  to provide a platform for interaction.

A  ‘Bal Mela’ was organised on children’s day by Deepalaya  PLAN. Debate,  elocution and play competitions were organised  and  the children’s enthusiasm and response was remarkable.
In  order  to  train  staff  involved  in  all  the   educational programmes, regular workshops are organised.

In the Field Of Health , The Following Programmes Were Undertaken

Curative Programme

Two  health  justifys have been set up by Deepalaya PLAN  and  705 patients have availed of curative services. A team of doctors – a Gynecologist,  child  specialist,  eye  specialist  and  general practitioner  visit the community on rotation basis.  The  patients are  provided medicines free of cost. Referral services are  also provided as and when required by the patients. Resources linkages have been established with the well equipped government hospitals for this purpose.

26  T B patients are being provided medicines by Deepalaya  PLAN. Special  diet  is also being provided to patients  whenever  the doctor recommends so.

Immunization  of  children was also undertaken and  the  children were  administered  BCG and TABC vaccines. Growth  monitoring  of children  is also a  regular activity which has  been  undertaken but  its  scope needs to be widened as many families  still  have to be covered under this programme.

As  there  was  an  epidemic of  Meningitis  in  the  area  where Deepalaya  PLAN is working, 526 families were provided  with  the preventive dose of meningitis.

Health  education is given prime importance. The  health  workers through  mothers  meetings and non formal education  justifys  are doing so. The health workers were sent for two training workshops in order to enhance their knowledge.

Deepalaya  PLAN also contributes articles on community health  to a monthly news health letter.
A  feeding  and nutrition programme has also  been  launched  for those families where there is no source of income. Ration is being provided to these families till income avenues are not found.

In  The Field Of Resource And Skills Development,  The  Following Programmes Have Been Undertaken

Sewing Center

Two sewing  justifys  have  been  set up  with  a  strength  of  26 trainees.  One  batch  of trainees has completed  its  6  months training  and  is  presently involved  in  an  income   generation activity  launched  by Deepalaya Plan so that  they  could  also contribute towards the  family income.
Through  resource  linkages a few youth from the  community  were placed  in industrial units for vocational training. One  of  the persons  has  also been placed with Bal Sahyog for a  three  year vocational training programme.

The  women from the community have also been trained in Vim  and Soap making and as soon as the market avenues have been  explored it can be taken on as an income generation activity.

An employment bureau has also been set up by  a Youth Group  with Deepalaya PLAN’s support.
Two  small business development groups were also  organised.  The first group comprised of nine members and the second group of 13 members.  A  loan of maximum Rs.1000.0 was given to  the  members which is being repaid in easy interest free installments. From the repayments  a  revolving fund has been set up and 7 new members have  joined  the group and availed of loan  facility  for  small business development.

In  the field of community organisation, Deepalaya PLAN has  been able  to organise a Youth Group and two Manila Manuals.  The  youth group  besides  organising cricket matches has also  organised  a de-adiction  camp  in  which 15  smack  addicts  have  undergone treatment.  The employment  bureau is also being  run by the  same youth group members.

One  of  the Mahila Mandals is presently involved  in  organising educational tours for the children and the other Mahila Mandal is setting  up  a Balwadi for children who do not have  this  facility with Deepalaya PLAN’s support.

Mariyamman  Association  and Shankar Association have  also  been formed  for  the  housing  project which will  be  supported  by Deepalaya  PLAN. Gradually more groups are organising  themselves and coming together.

In  the past one year, Deepalaya PLAN has certainly been able  to establish  a  good rapport with the community. To day in  each  and every   programme  Deepalaya  PLAN  has  considerable community participation and contribution.

The  staff  strength both regular and programme  related  is  44, which  include  one  programme  manager, one  assistant  program Manager,  two  subject matter persons, three  administrative  and accounts  staff, one education supervisor and 29 community  level staff.

The  audited  statement  of accounts,  separately  rendered  will indicate financial transactions undertaken by the society.


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