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Every time someone listens to the song “Christmas Everywhere” on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Mu

by Amit Surya  |  05-Dec-2022 Read More
Feel the Power of Gratitude

Education is the righteous tool in vanishing all the social evils that directly end the poverty and

by Lakshmi Bhardwaj  |  19-Mar-2022 Read More
World NGO Day 2022

This is an opportunity to raise the flag for the NGOs and simply recognizes the way they change the

by Lakshmi Bhardwaj  |  27-Feb-2022 Read More
World Cancer Day

This year Deepalaya and Meddo Health have collaborated and come up with an insightful webinar based

by Deepalaya  |  03-Feb-2022 Read More
Celebrating the togetherness of our nation on Republic Day

Initiating the attitude of change, Deepalaya has the vision to make a difference in India by assisti

by Deepalaya  |  28-Jan-2022 Read More
Integrity, Selflessness, Sacrifice – Indian Army

Indian Army and Deepalaya shared the same kind of core values of integrity, selflessness and sacrifi

by Lakshmi Bhardwaj  |  15-Jan-2022 Read More
Clothes Distribution by Secret Santas

Distributing the woolen clothes and having the brightest smiles on the faces of these children was t

by   |  31-Dec-2021 Read More
Five reasons why one should make donations for woollen clothes?

We are running a social media campaign named “Drive Against Winters”, through which we are reach

by Deepalaya  |  21-Dec-2021 Read More
Journey of man - From disabilities to disabilities

Last month, a report published by Ola Mobility Institute threw some light on the challenges that a p

by Jaswant Kaur  |  01-Dec-2021 Read More
Self defense training conducted for girls by Deepalaya under Project Wel netrutva in Sonipat

As per the latest report shared by National Commission for Women (NCW), there was a gradual increase

by Lakshmi  |  18-Nov-2021 Read More
Adding wings to the lives of women and girls

After years of responsibilities of family and children, now I am giving time to self-growth through

by Lakshmi  |  25-Oct-2021 Read More
Digital divide girls versus boys

More governments are now starting to see that economic recovery policies need to have women at their

by Jaswant Kaur  |  11-Oct-2021 Read More
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