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After years of responsibilities of family and children, now I am giving time to self-growth through the stitching and tailoring classes. - Megha (name changed)

Lakshmi 25-Oct-2021

“I found a new version of myself with high self-esteem through these classes” - Rani (name changed) 


“After years of responsibilities of family and children, now I am giving time to self-growth through the stitching and tailoring classes.” - Megha (name changed) 


“I would like to establish a new small business after the completion of the course identity.” - Anita (name changed)  


Visiting the Beauty & Wellness & Fashion Designing centre of Deepalaya was an amazing roller coaster ride for me. Spending time and talking with women and girls of the centre unraveled the hidden motivations behind joining Deepalaya. All these statements generated a magical aura. These are just a few narratives of the women and girls enrolled in the Naari Shakti project of Deepalaya, and more stories need to be heard. Fortunately, these beneficiaries amplify our enthusiasm to work more and promote gender equality, leading to a better society. 


I found a new version of myself with high self-esteem through these classes


To increase the development of the nation, women empowerment is one of most essential developmental interventions. Deepalaya started various projects and initiatives related to skill development and women entrepreneurship to make women self-reliant and empower women and girls. One of the projects that added a different dimension to our organization is Project HOPE. 


Project HOPE (now renamed as Naari Shakti Project) was started by Deepalaya in collaboration with Amway India with the objective of providing livelihood opportunities to 200 girls and women in Delhi (Sanjay Colony & Janakpuri). Skill development and women entrepreneurship are the core aspects of this project. These girls are being equipped with skills in Beauty & Wellness & Fashion Designing. Apart from this, sessions & workshops on nutrition & entrepreneurship are also organized to provide more information concerning their future. Through this course, the participation of women in the economy would increase and hence help reduce gender inequity.


The main focus of this course is on providing manual training and giving more practical exposure. This course will help students apply their theoretical skills into practice and thus gain expertise in a specific field. It also offers an opportunity to students who are not very good in academics. Our mentors provide the students with hands-on instruction and training, encouraging them to apply these skills on a daily basis at their home or in their neighbourhood. By the end of the year, these women and girls acquire certification, they start earning nominal income. After completing the course, our students will become more confident and better in interviews and the workplace. 


One of our students from the Janakpuri centre cracked three interviews of established companies and finally joined the Urban clap company and moved ahead with the beautiful future. 


After a small survey conducted by Deepalaya, we have observed that a few students can run their enterprises after completing the course. We also intend to link them with government schemes and help them in establishing micro-enterprises, essentially boutiques and parlours. This course will help them become self-reliant individuals by kickstarting their business and supporting the growth of the nation’s economy.  If they need more funds to start, these people will be linked to banks for credit linkages for sustaining their businesses. Deepalaya staff shall stay in constant touch with these beneficiaries to support them to keep their business running.  

If you think this project will promote gender equality and produce more female entrepreneurs. Please support us. 

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