An exciting culmination to summer hobby classes!

Babloo – A skit to teach children the good and the evil comprise this world.

Ravi Pahuja 04-Dec-2017

A few artists from Colour bakery, a non-profit organization, put up a live theatre “Babloo” for almost 200 children in the open space of Sanjay Colony Premises on 22ndJune, 2017. The play stimulated the children to sit quietly. They were totally engrossed, as the story of Babloo – the main character of the play — unfolded.  Babloo a young student studying in VIth grade loves to draw. He wanted to climb the mountains and draw them. So intense was his passion that he took his piggy bank and left the house. The play showcased both the good and evil that comprise this world. It depicted the difficulties he faced as he had a thrilling encounter with the thieves and he found himself lost in the busy streets. He barely escapes the kidnappers and struggled during night. To override the evil facet, the story also shows a few good people who helped him during the train journey.

The artists beautifully enacted the platform scene, the snack sellers on the train, the beautiful village in the mountain and the people living with nature. It transported the children to the different worlds, giving wings to their imagination. The artists created sounds and dialogues were laced with perfect voice modulations, appropriate music and songs, which captivated the attention. The play was superb and instilled the need for having a goal and strong determination to achieve it.

Children were given paper and sketch pens before the play started, to put their imagination on paper as they saw the play. – This was their feed back

Sudhir of class VIII says, “I liked Babloo’s character- he wanted to see the mountain and draw them and he finally did so.”

Sneha liked the train scene “the person selling snacks on the train sounded so real!”


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