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“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then they have to spend their wealth to regain health”

Ravi Pahuja 20-Jan-2021

Health camp is being organised by Deepalay in associatin with Saket CIty Hospital for the beneficiaries of Greater Noida.Health camp is being organised by Deepalay in associatin with Saket CIty Hospital for the beneficiaries of Greater Noida.

This quote by A.J. Reb Materi may be true for most of us. However, there are many who neither have health nor wealth to spend for regaining it. Howsoever, hard they may try or toil in the worst circumstances, they don’t have enough to eat and to protect themselves from epidemics.

When we established our learning centre at Noida with the support of Loesche India, we had little idea of theHealth camp at Deepalaya Loesche learning centre in Greater Noida community and their requirements. Later on, we realized education is not enough for them rather they live in worst circumstances and need to be linked to an appropriate intervention in health too.

Our existing linkage with Saket City hospital helped and they agreed to organize a health camp on 24th September 2015. It was a pity to see skinny children with bare minimum clothing waiting for their turn for the check up. 

A team of six persons including four doctors shouldered the responsibility of diagnosing the problems and providing appropriate medication to people. Around 210 beneficiaries including 123 children enrolled in the Children beneficiaries of Deepalaya-Loesche project getting prescribed medicines learning center, their parents and siblings arrived for the camp at 9: 30 a.m. Our team had created necessary awareness and propaganda a few days before in the community.

The doctors also apprised the patients why it becomes necessary to conduct health camps and what kind of benefits can people derive, especially when especially diseases like dengu, chikungunya and Typhoid are spreading like wild fire in Delhi NCR. People still are not paying heed in the cleanliness. Doctors checked the patients one by one, prescribed medicines and advised them to maintain cleanliness.

The results laid bare the stark realities of people residing in slums. Majority of the people were diagnosed with Children and their families at healthcamp organised by Deepalaya and Saket City Hospitalskin diseases and malnutrition. People are half-fed and half-naked. They are not aware about their health and hygiene.

Overall, the camp was a great success as people were able to get the benefit free of cost. However, there is a lot which needs to be done for improving their health condition.

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