Clothes Distribution by Secret Santas

Distributing the woolen clothes and having the brightest smiles on the faces of these children was the best outcome of our and the patron's efforts.


In this winter, Deepalaya came as a secret Santa in the lives of many underprivileged children and spread love in the form of warmth. This year, Deepalaya ran a campaign named ‘Drive Against Winters’ to make people aware of the harsh conditions of winters faced by unprivileged children and raise funds for them. We were delighted to see the overwhelming response from our patrons. 

For most of us, the meaning of winter is holding ourselves inside the blanket for warmth and drinking hot coffee in our comfort zone sitting beside the fire. But, what about those on the streets and footpaths? With every degree decrease in temperature, the struggle for survival increases. Every year, the winter season proves to be very harsh for people who do not have access to woollen clothes. Our children, especially from the remote village of Titron in the Saharanpur district, are one of the worst affected. They come to the Deepalaya Learning Centre to study but are poorly dressed. At times, they even wear wet clothes as they don't have an extra pair of winter-wear, which have other consequences such as infections, cold, cough, etc. 

Our team of Saharanpur has decided to resolve this issue and connect with the head office of Deepalaya. And, then, we executed this campaign through which we reached out to new donors, funders, etc., for our children. This campaign aimed to fulfill the needs of our children for woollen clothes. This campaign lasted up to one month, and we have covered a considerable success. 


Woollen Clothes Distribution at Saharanpur by Secret Santas of Deepalaya


Distributing the woolen clothes and having the brightest smiles on the faces of these children was the best outcome of our and the patron's efforts. On 24th December 2021, the Executive Director, Ms. Jaswant Kaur, along with the team of Deepalaya, went to Saharanpur, distributed the woollen clothes, and celebrated Christmas with the children. The event started at 12 o'clock, and many local leaders were also present. The children and team of Saharanpur welcomed us profoundly, and we were filled with joy. Nagar panchayat officer Mr. Rajkumar, Nagar Panch Mr. Vipin Kumar, Mr. Sabhasad (Ward Member), Mr. Javed Akhtar, and Mr.  Isham Singh were part of this precious moment of happiness. Mr. Gogil Tyagi, Project head of Deepalaya Learning Centre, Saharanpur, welcomed all the guests and expressed his gratitude. 


Felicitation by Nagar Panchayat for the wonderful work Deepalaya is doing


Deepalaya is just a way to spread love and warmth; however, the people who supported this drive are like the stars in the sky for us. We are very happy to share the names of stars behind the success of this drive, Mr. Adrien Inoubli, Ms. Danielle Brink, Mr. Jagpreet Singh, Ms. Payal Chandna, and Ms. Meghla Bhardwaj. Without the support of these well-wishers from different corners of the world, we cannot make this possible. 

We provided a pair of sweaters, socks, and a cap. Now, these children will stay protected from harsh winters and come to the centre happily. An additional sweater ensures that they can have a dry sweater to wear when the other one is wet. Now, they don't need to wear a wet sweater. 


Santa sharing the sweetness with our children on Christmas


The Christmas celebration also happened in which our children performed various activities such as dancing, reciting poems, singing, etc. Our Executive Director, Ms. Jaswant Kaur, and a few members of Deepalaya also sang the melody of retro songs, and the whole environment was full of pleasure and love. We have distributed the cakes and gifts, and most importantly, our blessings to our children. 

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