Community awareness on healthcare was done at Deepalaya Ramditti and Sanjay Colony Learning Centers

Spreading Community Awareness: Sessions on Personal Health & Hygiene Held at Ramditti Learning Centre

Ravi Pahuja 18-Jan-2019

Spreading Community Awareness: Sessions on Personal Health & Hygiene Held at Ramditti Learning Centre

In urban slums where earning two square meals a day is a challenge, aspects like personal health and hygiene take a back seat. To throw some light on health and hygiene, a series of awareness sessions were conducted with the mothers at Ramditti J. R. Narang Deepalaya Learning Centre on 31st August, 7th September, 10th September, 13th September, and 14th September.

The teachers explained that a majority of infections happen because of dirty hands. They demonstrated different steps of washing hands before eating, after visiting toilets and after handling dirty substances. With the help of hand-made charts, the whole concept was lucidly conveyed to students and parents. Some of our students voluntarily took up the responsibility to tell about the importance of bathing, cleaning of hairs, nails, teeth and hand washing in our daily lives. Light refreshments and items like soaps, towels and shampoo pouches were distributed towards the end of the session.

Eyeing Better Health: Community Survey on Glaucoma Conducted by AIIMS at Deepalaya Sanjay Colony

In India, an estimated 12 million people have glaucoma, accounting for almost one-fifth of the global burdens. Unlike, other eye related problems, where vision can be restored, Glaucoma causes permanent blindness unless it is detected early and treated accordingly. Deepalaya in collaboration with AIIMS initiated a community survey to find out the exact situation of glaucoma amongst people from the lower income group, their awareness about the disease, frequency of visits they make to the doctor etc.

The week long survey covered around 100 from 24th September to 28th September 2018. Apart from special screening, 18 types of tests were conducted. Towards the end, 28 patients were found to be suffering from Glaucoma and were referred to AIIMS for treatment.

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