Girl child project An oasis in an otherwise patriarchal world

Our teacher gives us difficult questions because we are better than the other students in the class - A student of Deepalaya Learning Centre

Deepalaya 01-Oct-2021

Girl child project -- An oasis in an otherwise patriarchal world

“Our teacher gives us difficult questions because we are better than the other students in the class.” - A student of Deepalaya Learning Centre  

Education is an integral part of everyone’s life. It gives strength to a person and empowers him/her to be on their own. Access to proper education is the key to success and a happy and healthy life. Everybody has the right to education irrespective of gender, caste, race, class, sex, religion, locale, etc. Without education, a society will be non-directional.


Empowering the girls through education is a long-term investment in any society. It strengthens the economy, reduces inequality, and formulates more opportunities for everyone; hence girl child education is essential. However, in India, a girl child is considered a liability, a ‘burden’ to pass on.


The patriarchal system influences the lives of girls right from birth. They have been facing gender inequality, gender stereotypes, and are being mistreated as compared to the boys. Parents do not want to educate them despite the fact that they want to achieve greater heights.


From centuries together, the preference for a male child has affected the growth of the girl child. Their dreams and future have no meaning to many. Issues like infanticide, female foeticide, early child marriage, gender discrimination, etc. have not been resolved. There are various programs initiated by government institutions, non-government organizations, or corporate conglomerates for different levels of society. Yet the girls are being discriminated against.

During the pandemic, millions of girls have lost their education because of no electronic devices, network issues, financial conditions, early child marriage, child labor, etc. Parents find marriage an easy option and solution to every problem.


Deepalaya executed several projects for increasing the educational status of girls in society. Our project heads, communication and resource mobilization team, and other team members are working hard to bring a change. Deepalaya Girl Child Project, Noida (DGCP) is one of our leading projects. It has educated more than 2000 girls since 2015.


Deepalaya has developed the concept of "positive discrimination for girls," which means our projects will take special care of girls who dropped out of the education system. Our project at Noida has changed the outlook of many parents, which initially deprived many girls from mainstream education. The centres in Sectors 8, 10, and 16 have significantly changed their mindset.


Apart from girls, our focus is also on the parents and the environment in which the upbringing of girls takes place. Every year, more than 300 girls are enrolled in the centres. Deepalaya has been making persistent efforts to enhance the educational status of girls in society and provide knowledge on different relevant issues, such as health, menstruation health, management, etc., through sessions and events.


Girls are very active and curious to participate in every activity, like dancing, singing, drawing, etc. There are many success stories of students who are doing very well and spreading awareness among the other community girls. A girl, who now studies in a government school expressed her joy. She says, “Our teacher gives us difficult questions because we are better than the other students in the class.” The project has given them the much-needed wings. Some want to be teachers, doctors, IPS officers, etc., which encourages us to work harder to make their dreams come true.

 Deepalaya is committed to making a difference in the lives of girls through its various projects. Donate today and bring a long-lasting change by supporting the education of these young girls. 

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