Handwashing Awareness Session and Sports for Youth Engagement at Deepalaya

Clean Hands for a Healthy Future: Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai Conducts Hand Washing Awareness Sessions at Ramditti Learning Centre

Ravi Pahuja 20-Dec-2018

Clean Hands for a Healthy Future: Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai Conducts Hand Washing Awareness Sessions at Ramditti Learning Centre

Hand washing is an effective measure to prevent the transmission of many infectious diseases. Keeping our hands clean is an important step to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. In view of this, eight student volunteers of Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai’s Interact Club and their teacher Mrs. Urvashi Narang visited Ramditti J. R. Narang Deepalaya Learning Centre on 2nd August to conduct an interesting and informative “Hand Washing Awareness Programme”.

The volunteers interacted with the students of class I, II as well as with the boys and girls of the remedial unit at the center.  They explained the importance of hand wash before eating, after visiting toilet, and after handling dirty substances. They emphasized that proper hand washing is not just a quick rinse of our hands; it requires approximately 20 seconds and we should use soap.

Hand washing involves five simple steps i.e. wet, lather, scrub, rinse and dry. It is important to wash front and back of our palm, around tips of fingers, fingernails, and the web. They demonstrated all this with the help of hand-made charts, etc. Later on, the volunteers also distributed soaps among Deepalaya’s students. The session proved to be effective in improving awareness among students regarding hand hygiene. Next day, we came to know that many children had shared the information with their parents, friends and relatives. The same programme was repeated a week later on 9th August at the centre.

Sports for Youth Engagement: Students from Deepalaya VTC, Sanjay Colony Participate in Kho-Kho and Kabaddi

Apart from providing computer training, personality development classes, etc. to groom students, Deepalaya VTCs also organize sports and other youth welfare activities inside the communities, so as to help students learn some essential life skills, and most importantly, sportsman spirit.

On 10th August 2018, Deepalaya Vocational Training Centre, Sanjay Colony organized a small “Kabbadi tournament” for its students at Andheri Pitch, near Kalkaji Depot. There were three teams: Team A, Team B and Team C, with each team consisting of seven players. The competition was neck-to –neck as all the players tried their level best to beat the other. Students also learnt the significance of teamwork and co-operation through these matches. In the end, Team C emerged as the winner.

A Kho-kho competition was also organized on the same day. There were two teams; the first team was led by Ms. Aarti and the second team was led by Ms. Sunita. The teams were mixed groups of boys and girls. The first game between was a tie. So winners were decided by playing a final match in which the team led by Ms. Aarti was declared as the winner.

In the end, refreshments were served for the students who participated in the competition. It was a rejuvenating experience for the students and the staff. The students requested Deepalaya staff to organize such competitions often. Apart from the VTC staff, Ms. Tanushree Roy Chowdhary and Mr. Abraham Chacko from Deepalaya Learning Centre, Sanjay Colony was present to encourage the students.


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