Inspiring the Community in Favour of Cleanliness: Students of Deepalaya Learning Centre, Gole Kuan Organize a Street Play

A nukkar natak on emphasizing the importance of Swachhta in our life

Ravi Pahuja 07-Dec-2018

A nukkar natak on emphasizing the importance of Swachhta in our life

Gole Kuan is a slum area in the national capital that houses hundreds of daily wage workers from the nearby Okhla Industrial Area; the residents belong to socio-economically backward classes and struggle everyday to make ends meet.  In a scenario where the primary concern for people is earning enough money to afford two square meals a day, aspects like health, hygiene and education are bound to take a back seat.

The students were guided by Ms. Savitri, one of the teachers from our Learning Centre. The five-minute-long skit successfully highlighted the “importance of Swachhata in communities”, the menaces caused due to littering and resultant spread of diseases, the initiatives individuals can take to keep his/her surroundings clean, and so on. After the skit, the students also conducted a “swachhata rally” with hand-made posters, and also took up brooms to clean the roads.

The initiative garnered a lot of appreciation from the community. The students also interacted with the audience, as some people came up with the problems they face owing to the piling up of garbage, plastic, dry waste, etc. around their houses.

With an objective to sensitize slum dwellers regarding the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in their daily lives, a group of 10 students of Deepalaya Learning Centre, Gole Kuan performed a street play (nukkad natak) inside the community on 6th July 2018.

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