Inspiring the Community in Favour of Education: Members of Deepalaya Youth Club Perform Street Play in Sanjay Colony

Youth Club of Deepalaya at Okhla performed street plays on the importance of education

Ravi Pahuja 26-Oct-2018

Theatre has been always regarded as a powerful instrument of social change.  With a cross-sectional approach between performing arts and relevant socio-cultural aspects, street theatre or plays have the potential to effectively sensitize communities

In view of the above, a group of 12 enthusiastic boys and girls from Deepalaya Youth Club in Sanjay 

Colony performed a street play (nukkad natak) on 28th June 2018, underscoring the “importance of education in the lives of children and adults”. The 8-minute-long skit was performed in three nearby locations of Sanjay Colony—Harkesh Nagar Crossing (near metro station), Z Block Park, and S-Block.

The Youth Club at Deepalaya Learning Centre, Sanjay Colony is merely one and half months old; it consists of ex-students of the learning centre or Deepalaya VTC at Sanjay Colony.  Mr. Mayank, a student of Hamdard University, who has been interning at Deepalaya Sanjay Colony, mentored the members of the club to produce the street play; he also wrote and directed the play. The tireless efforts of Mayank and Youth Club members (ignoring the scorching heat of summers) bore fruit, as the play was successfully showcased. It garnered a lot of appreciation from community residents.

The theme of the play revolved around “the importance of education”; it showed the reasons why students (especially girls) drop out of schools or education systems, and how even grown-ups can complete their education, given they have the wish and will to do so. The larger idea was to visually portray how education can empower and change lives. After the play was over, the students also interacted with the audience; some people from the community came up with their problems and/or understanding about the subject. The students answered their queries adequately.

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