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World Yoga Day Celebration at Deepalaya

Ravi Pahuja 24-Nov-2017

International yoga day was celebrated across all the learning centers on 21st June, 2017. Yoga helps in connecting mind with our physical body and nature, thereby improving health and promoting harmony.

Yoga Day celebrated at Deepalaya Northwest Delhi

Introduction to yoga from an early stage in life helps in inculcating discipline and molding the behavior of students and into happy, healthy and intelligent adults later in life. In modern life the need of adopting effective and holistic means to maintain healthier life has increased many folds.

All the centers carried out and practiced ‘yogasans’  with the students either at parks or at centers itself, depending on the availability of space. Some of the students were really good at performing even the difficult ‘asans’ perfectly. The students participated very enthusiastically in the event and showed interest in regularly following the same.

‘Overall it was a good and enriching experience for our students. Students were also given some refreshments at the end.

 14 children from the Childrens’ home and 15 children from PCI together enjoyed yoga session along with staff and Mr. Zaheer Ahmed. On the occasion, children practiced different kinds of yogasans like engine rail yoga, Surya Namaskar, Parvat asana, Mundra asana, Chakra asana and Hala asana, Sarvanga asana, Pawan Mukta Asana, Ardh Pawan Mukta asana mentored by Shankar Singh, a class 12 student from (DCH) and Ankit 10th (PCI) with Mr. Zaheer Ahmed, Keshav Rana from PCI. All enjoyed the session very much.To keep the memory, we clicked a group photo with them.

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