Ode to the Mothers

God can\'t be everywhere, so he created mothers was what Mr. Anshu Budhraja, Executive Committee Member Amway Opportunity Foundation & CFO, Amway India Enterprises had to say during the mother\'s day on the 9th of May,2010 at Deepalaya School Sanjay Colony.

Ravi Pahuja 29-Jan-2021

The day was also chosen to be the AOF (Amway Opportunity Foundation) day as well where the non- profit organization decided to celebrate its annual day. It was Deepalayas way of giving a tribute to all the mothers from the underprivileged background who came forward to change the life of their children in order to create a better future for them. The day included some of these mothers sharing their experiences with a live audience on how Deepalaya has changed their life, how Deepalaya has helped them understand the importance of education. On the occasion an emotional Maltee, a staff of Deepalaya who works as a caretaker in the School said that, œit is because of Deepalaya that I understood the importance of education and got my three children educated and I am proud of the fact that they are now graduates.It was a delight to see some of the mothers participating with their children during the occasion. Adding a cherry on the cake was the Chief Guest for the day, Mrs. Aruna Sharma, Director General Doordarshan who was herself accompanied by her mother. Addressing the students of Deepalaya, she said that, Everything is possible if you are educated. With the Right to Education Bill passing, every child must avail this opportunity and get educated. She appreciated the efforts of all the teachers who came forward to make the day a success. Mr. Anshu Budhraja added, It is always a pleasure to be with the kids and Deepalaya has been nurturing the kids from the underprivileged as their own mother. So this is why, we chose this day. Looking at the immense talent here, I feel that Deepalaya not just tries to educate the children, but also focuses on bringing out their latent talents. The Amway team distributed gifts to the students as well as their mothers on the occasion. Besides this, the students gave many cultural presentations with full zeal and enthusiasm. The audience was awe-struck by witnessing the talent of the students whether it was in the dances or the mimicry or their two minute painting. It was unquestionably a day with a tinge of emotions.Send feedback to- ravipahuja@deepalaya.org By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- 

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