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Secondary School students of Deepalaya (Haryana and Delhi) have made the entire family proud.

Ravi Pahuja 19-Oct-2020

Secondary School students of Deepalaya (Haryana and Delhi) have made the entire family proud.

DeepalayaThe Xth graders at Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension, New Delhi once again brought home a 100% results in the CBSE examination held March 2012. Nikhil Varun scored a CGPA of 10: The scorecard: 5 students scored Grade A1(91-100), 14 have Grade A2(81-90), 12 are graded at B1(71-80): 18 students are with B2(61-70) and 13 are with grade C1(51-60)

Students from Deepalaya School Gusbethi did not remain far behind. Of the 18 students who appeared for the examination from Haryana Board. 75% have sailed through successfully (including all the eight students from the Child Care Home in the campus); the others have to reappear in one subject.

DeepalayaShivani, (from the Home) the topper who scored 89% is super excited. Thrilled at having crossed one major milestone of her academic life, she is now sure she is closer to her ambition of becomes a Banker. For Rekha of Pipaka Colony near Sohna, the First Division that she scored is a notable example of the Girl Child Empowerment which Deepalaya has been working towards for more than a decade now in the area. In a community where the girl child is considered a burden, Rekha and her family stood strong in their belief that she is no less than her brothers. Rekha is now enrolling for Senior Secondary schooling.

A Hearty congratulation to the students and best wishes.

Deepalaya expresses its deep gratitude to all benefactors who have made it possible for the students to accomplish this position. But for them, many would have been lost the clutches of poverty. We look forward to your continued presence as we enable many more Shivani’s, Rekha’s and Nikhil to move on to a secure and self reliant future

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