World NGO Day 2022

This is an opportunity to raise the flag for the NGOs and simply recognizes the way they change the world we live in...

Lakshmi Bhardwaj 27-Feb-2022

As the number of factories, brands, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, etc., increases over the years, on the other hand, the number of underserved people is also growing as a consequence of technological development and advancement. The world is rising in two dimensions: one who has access to all the privileges and the other facing scarcity.

For filling this gap, crores of people and organizations are working tirelessly to build up a world with equitable resources and opportunities for everyone.

The World NGO day for remembering the endeavors done by non-governmental organizations to support the nation's development and respect the activists and social workers who are persistently working to improve the general public. More than 89 nations consistently come together with respect and appreciation to NGOs for their thoughtful work.

"This is an opportunity to raise the flag for the NGOs and simply recognizes the way they change the world we live in..." - 
-According to Eric Falt, Assistant Director-General of UNESCO

The celebration of this day should keep going throughout the upcoming years to boost the enthusiasm of the NGOs sector. World NGO Day 2022 festivals should persevere in these present Covid-19 circumstances. A few groups have met up by understanding the critical job these NGOs and their volunteers play in ascribing what is best for the general public.

The point of the day is to rouse and urge individuals to be associated with NGOs to improve society. World NGO Day assumes a huge part and is valued across the globe. It gives potential chances to recollect the organizers of NGOs, representatives, volunteers, individuals, and allies and respect them.

Deepalaya wants to pay tribute to the different NGOs on various levels for their dedication and commitment towards the less fortunate people of the world. Deepalaya worked for many years to accomplish sustainable development and brought a non-discriminatory world that opened doors of opportunity for everyone. If you have the urge to support others through your efforts, you can approach Deepalaya in various ways.

Keep supporting the endeavors of Deepalaya and celebrate this day in its true essence. 


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