8 Yrs

Gusbethi Formal School

Country        -        Indian
State        -    Haryana
City        -    Tauru (Shikarpur)
Child Name    -    Amaan
 Date of Birth    -    16-09-11
Age        -    8yr
Class        -    3rd
Child Gender    -    Male
Hobby        -    Drawing
Special talent     -    Colouring
Favourite Subject-    Maths, GK
Ambition    -    Lawyer

Amaan is an intelligent student. Academic performance of Amaan throughout the year was very satisfying. He obtained 87.4 marks in his previous class. He has a very cooperative nature. He always works hard and does his work on time He shows punctuality in all his work. His behavior towards his class and teachers is worthy for praise. He always remains happy and tries to keep everyone happy.
Amman belongs to a poor family. His father  Mosim is a farmer and works on others land. Mother Nazma is a house wife.  His income is not regular and earns only at harvesting time. So he hardly manages the educational expenses of his child. He wants to educate his child but feels helpless. If someone supports him financially then he will surely achieve his goal.

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