10 Yrs

Gusbethi Formal School

Country -    Indian
State    -    Haryana
City    -    Dhulawat
Child Name-    Insha
Date of Birth- 03/03/2010
Age    -    10 years
Class    -    3rd (B)
Child Gender-    Female
Hobby    -    Dancing
Special talent-    Drawing   
Favourite Subject–    English
Ambition-    Doctor
Insha is an intelligent girl .She is very good at studies. Her academic and overall performance is very good. She got 88 % marks in final exams. Insha belongs to a middle class family. Her father Moin Khan is a farmer and mother Sahruna is house wife. There are five members in their family. Insha has a younger brother and sister. Her father is a farmer. His income is very low. Insha wants to grow up and become a doctor. With the kind support of a sponsor she will be able to achieve her goal.

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