9 Yrs

Gusbethi Formal School

Country    -        Indian
State        -    Haryana
City        -    Tauru (Patuka)
Child Name    -    Jeenat
Date of Birth    -    26-01-12
Age        -    9yr
Class        -    3rd
Child Gender    -    Female
Hobby        -    Drawing, Singing
Special talent     -    Singing
Favourite Subject-    Hindi, Evs
Ambition    -    Doctor

Description:  Jeenat’s academic performance is quite good. Her performance was keep increasing throughout the year. She always participates in classroom activities and extra-curricular activities organized in school. She obtained 71.8% marks in her previous class. Jeenat belongs to a poor family. 
Her father Zaoon is doing a private job and mother   Rubeena is a house wife. His father is doing a private job and his income is very low. Her family is huge, Jeenat has four sisters. Her father earns approx.Rs. 80,000/- for a year. It is not possible for her father to run his family with this limited income.  She wants to become a doctor and to achieve her dream for which she needs sponsorship support. 

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