10 Yrs

Gusbethi Formal School

Country        -           Indian
State        -    Haryana
City        -    Tauru (Patuka)
Child Name    -    Vofana
 Date of Birth    -    01-01-10
Age        -    10 yr
Class        -    3rd
Child Gender    -    Female
Hobby        -    Drawing
Special talent     -    Coloring
Favourite Subject-    Hindi, EVS
Ambition    -    Teacher
Vofanais  a brilliant child and she always remain active in class. She always take part in co-curricular activities organized in school. She easily makes  friends. Her academic performance is good. She always participate in classroom and extra-curricular activities. She obtained 79.8% marks in previous class.
Her father Imamuddin is a farmer and mother is a house wife. Her father  earns very little. The annual income of the family is 60000/-. The financial position of her family is not stable. It is very difficult for her father to afford the fees and run his house at the same time. That’s why she needs sponsorship support to achieve her dream.

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