12 Yrs

Case Study of Deepak, Children’s Home Deepalaya

Deepak is 12 years old boy. He is very active and intelligent child.  He does his work on time. He is obedient and sincere boy. He performed very well during the session. He got good marks in half yearly and final exams.
Deepak leaves at Deepalaya Children’s Home Gusbethi. His father died few years ago and her mother Sumantra is the only earning member in the family therefore CWC send her sister and Deepak to Deepalaya for better education. Deepak is an ambitious student. He dreams of becoming a doctor. With the support of a good sponsor he will be able to achieve his goal.

Date of Birth - 31/07/2008
Hobby -    Playing Games
Special talent - Drawing
Favourite Subject - English
Ambition - Doctor

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