“Padhegi Beti, Hogi Unnati”- Things would change by good education.
ISSUE: The Covid-19 pandemic has a profound impact, not only based on health but also the educational status of people. Globally, schools for more than 168 children have been entirely closed for almost a full year (UNICEF). Unfortunately, during the pandemic, girls are more susceptible and vulnerable. Millions of girls have lost their education because of no electronic devices, network issues, financial conditions, early child marriage, child labor, etc. Parents find marriage an easy option and solution to every problem. 

ACTION: Education is the dream for many children. Let’s make an effort in this festive season to come together and help them in enabling self-reliance.

IMPACT: We have educated more than 3,66,328 children since 1979. We have been making persistent efforts to enhance the educational status of children especially the girls in society and providing them with knowledge on various issues related to their wellbeing. 

Donate Rs. 12000/- for formal education (Rural-Gusbethi) of girls and Rs. 6000/- for non-formal education of girls

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80G of Income Tax Act 

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