Education of children affected due to COVID-19

The financial crises imposed by the pandemic have pushed many children out of school. In such times of distress then families are not able to afford two-time's meals a day thought of supporting the education of the children or other necessary resources does not take any precedence. Deepalaya wishes to free some families off the burden. While already working with children some from the slum communities in Delhi, and rural areas of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana in the field of education, your contribution of Rs. 880 would provide proper stationery items to a child from a beneficiary group of 5000 children.


While life has taken an unprecedented turn during the pandemic, children are one of the most affected. They are unable to participate in the virtual education activities in view of the fact that they hardly have a smartphone or data-packs to attend classes. According to a recent survey, almost 290 million children in India are affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic and six million are out of school. Although the lockdown is lifted, people are unable to find suitable jobs to feed their families. Even if a few of them have got jobs they are being paid a meagre amount, which is grossly inadequate to meet their demands. As a result, they are unable to fulfil the nutritional and educational requirements of the family and children. NGOs and other social welfare schemes are helping them with food but children need books, stationery material for a year to continue their education and perform well in this virtual learning environment. These necessary educational items are not in their priority list now.


We are planning to provide stationery kits to five thousand underprivileged children in the urban slums of Delhi and rural areas of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. Each stationery kit will consist of a school bag, geometry box, notebooks, pencils, pens, eraser, sharpener etc.


5000 children will continue their education through the help of these stationery kits. The families will be free from the burden of additional expenses of school stationery items. So that children can focus on their studies and dropout rates will also decrease.


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