Mission Salamati 2.0 - Help India Fight the Second Wave of COVID19

It is now or never! Covid is once again creating panic all over India. 3,915 people died of COVID in India in the last 24 hours, the highest in a day since the beginning of this pandemic. With over 4.14 lakh new COVID cases in a single day, India's total number of COVID cases is 2.14 crore which is a huge burden on our healthcare system. As India is gasping for breath, our frontline workers are tirelessly working to rein this monstrous pandemic. India needs all of us in this battle against COVID-19.

We cannot forget that along with Healthcare we also need to feed the hungry during these trying times. Deepalaya fed more than 15,000 families by providing dry ration and essentials last year during the lockdown and provided a financial aid of Rs.7000 to more than 2500 families through Mission Salamati. Lockdown 2021 demands another Mission Salamati. Our beneficiaries are already raising concerns about food security during this regional lockdown in Delhi. We are announcing the launch of Mission Salamati 2 and through this project we aim to feed the poor families who are in need of food and essential goods. Our primary target is those families who lost their sole bread winners.

Support families with Food kits - Rs. 1500/- for one month

Help Children in getting Education at their Home

Education is the primary objective of Deepalaya and under Mission Salamati, we would like to help our students in getting education safely at their homes. Through our Project Coordinators and social workers, we have identified more than 700 students who need smartphones or recharge coupons to attend virtual classes. These poor children cannot afford to miss classes as education is perhaps their only ray of hope.

Support Digital Education of a child with Rs. 12000/- for a year

Once again, we come before you to request your help, however small that may be, to keep these families fed and educated. This lockdown is definitely challenging for all of us; however, let us remember there are many people who are facing more difficulties than us. Let us lend our hands to ensure that nobody is hungry or no student misses’ classes during these trying times. Alone we cannot but together we can.

All the money from this fundraiser will go to the poor who are in need.
We thank you for your generous contribution to Mission Salamati last year. 

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