Sita Devi

45-year-old Sita Devi, who hails from Bihar originally, lives in Najafgarh. A homemaker, she lives with her husband and sons’ families. Her husband and elder son lost their jobs during the pandemic. Sita Devi started facing difficulties with vision a year ago. With no source of income, it was difficult for the family to get Sita Devi operated on.

One of her friends informed Sita Devi about Deepalaya’s vision Center at Patel Garden. Thursday OPD acted as a saviour for her. The doctor from AIIMS, New Delhi did a thorough check-up on her eyes, prescribed medicines and also suggested a cataract surgery. 

Sita Devi continued her medications for a few days and her cataract surgery was conducted on 21st January 2021 at AIIMS. After the successful surgery of her left eye, she has operated again for her right eye. She has no words to thank Deepalaya as her operation will be done without any complications just like the first time. 

Sita Devi is grateful to Deepalaya for all the assistance she was provided with. She knew she was in safe hands and was happy after the surgery. She believes that sharing is caring and promises to encourage other people around her to avail the benefits of the weekly eye camps at Deepalaya.


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