Shanti Devi

Sixty-year old Shanti Devi comes from a remote village Kirori was suffering from eye cataract problems in both eyes since last two years. Her husband is 65 year old and gets only Rs. 1500 monthly as old age pension and Shanti Devi also gets the same income from Haryana government. She has 3 sons but she is living separately with her husband.

One day our health team visited their house and informed them about the free eye check up and treatment at Honda Deepalaya vision centre at Gusbethi Tauru district Nuh. First she insisted to come because she had 3 sons and never had an eye care. The health worker explained about the importance of eye care, cataract problems his efforts, she came to the clinic.

She was diagnosed by an Eye specialist from AIIMS at our vision centre. The doctor told her that she is having cataract in her eyes. He also explained how surgery will be conducted at AIIMS New Delhi and Deepalaya Honda Vision Centre will bear all expenses for her surgery and she will be given conveyance from Vision centre to AIIMS New Delhi. The health worker also advised to maintain cleanliness and hygiene and explained simple tips for eye care and insisted on regular use of spectacles.

After the surgery, Shanti devi could see well and to do her daily chores. One day she comes to the eye vision centre for thanking us for the free treatment and good care which she got. Now she is encouraging other cataract and eye patients for treatments and surgery.


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