Friends of Deepalaya, UK

Friends of Deepalaya is a registered charity with the United Kingdom HM Revenue and Customs. The initiative was started in 2002 by Dr. Christopher G Tuppenwith the help of Rtn. T.K. Mathew (Ex CEO, Deepalaya). The objective is to further the work of Deepalaya (a registered Indian charity) in advancing education and relieving poverty, sickness and distress of the children in India by improving their condition of life..

The seed for this wonderful initiative was planted when Mr. Tuppen visited Agra for a corporate social responsibility (CSR) seminar in the year 1999. He enjoyed the seminar and moved by the work done by NGOs, he wanted to see social work in action. When his friend and colleague told him about Deepalaya, an NGO working with slum children in Delhi, he grew further interested. So in the following days he visited the Deepalaya School in Sanjay Colony and left for Europe with a lasting impression about what he had seen. After a doing a series of fund raising activities in the U.K., followed by a donation of 4000 Pounds  for Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension, Mr. Tuppen expressed willingness to take his relationship with Deepalaya to the next level, thus, Friends of Deepalaya was born.

Supporters of Deepalaya in the U.K. can use this avenue to lend financial aid to thousands of underprivileged children in India, while taking advantage of the tax-exemption facilities for their donations. The financial aid is then re-distributed to whichever project is facing a deficit.

Please bear in mind that the members of Friends of Deepalaya, UK are not full time employees of Deepalaya. Therefore, please direct all general inquiries to the Deepalaya Office in New Delhi, India( Links with contact details to be given).

Payments can be made direct to bankers of The Friends of Deepalaya at;

Correspondence Address

Friends of Deepalaya, UK


Gaston Street,

East Bergholt

Colchester, Co7 6SD

United Kingdom


Chairman: Dr. Christopher G Tuppen

Treasurer: Mrs. Deborah Tuppen

Trustee: Dr. Nicholas Banatvala

Trustee: Mrs. Beryl Chalmers


Telephone: +44 1206 298675

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