Deepalaya cooperated closely with Uttar Pradesh State Government, Punjab and the Municipal Corporation of South Delhi too. This has been noted that growing numbers of people are taking admission to private schools, even if the parents cannot pay a certain kind of fees that the schools demand. The main reason has been the lack of quality education in government schools. Deepalaya’s School Quality Enhancement Programme is targeted at improving the number of enrolments in government schools; improve the standard of education by helping poor students, and train government teachers.

Project PARIVARTAN We have been working with four govt schools in the state of Punjab with the goal of helping poor students in studies, Provide them life skills training and basic facilities such as toilets, science laboratories etc. The project is being carried out in partnership with Akzo Nobel and is appropriately called Parivartan Project.

Project STEADY we worked in two Uttar Pradesh Government Schools in cooperation with Asian Paints Limited. The project is named as Project STEADY. The project also aims to raise awareness among girls about the health of the menstrual, the protection of the foetus and the safety of the child operation.

Deepalaya SQEP Project: The project is being carried out in partnership with the Education Alliance and CAF India with common goals.

This Govt. Interventions Projects had reached out to 8459 beneficiaries during the year 2019- 2020 including 1974 males and 6485 females.


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