Project Steady

We have been working in two government schools of Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with Asian Paints Limited. The project is known as Project STEADY. The projects also aim at creating awareness amongst girls on menstrual hygiene, child safety and other community activities.


The financial year 2019-2020 was the sixth consecutive year of Project STEADY in Greater Noida region of Uttar Pradesh. During the previous financial year, the project with the intervention of different activities reached out to 7 schools located in Kasna village and Dankaur block of Gautam Budh Nagar. The project was spread out to ten schools during the financial year 2019-2020 with the following intervention areas:


School Intervention Program-Prevention of Drop-outs and Quality Education


Dropping out of school is a problem for education system globally. When young people do not complete their schooling they are not fully equipped to participate in the Social and Economic development of their households, communities and their countries. Trends of Drop Outs shows that average drop out are 14% to 16% at primary level. Need of the time is to prevent drop out and provide the quality education; in November 2017 this program was launched in Government Primary School, Salempur Gurjar and it’s the third year of program and this year one new Govt. Primary School Bagpur was included as dropout rate in the school was very high.


Digital Learning


TABLAB is a student-focused learning centre that is colourful, entertaining and effective. The tablets used for the project are both affordable and low-maintenance. This makes them perfect for government schools. Further, the mobile devices ensure that children learn in a way that’s both fun and memorable.


Menstrual Hygiene Program


The program was focused on girl students from 6th to 12th standard to provide them with the awareness, management and other related issues along with myths and misconceptions tackling. To aware 1000 girls, 2 sessions to each student on menstruation, distribution of sanitary napkins to students, distribution of booklet, total outreach to 2000 girl students from 9 schools,


Early Childhood Care and Education Program: Pilot Project


Early childhood development (ECD) and education ensure the holistic development of children from a very young age so that they become educated citizens and contribute to the growth of the country.


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