Deepalaya Girl Child Project, Noida (DGCP)

Education for girl children has always been very close to our heart. Girls have historically been discriminated against and deprived of the basic freedoms that every child has a right to. Deepalaya has developed the concept of "positive discrimination against girls" which essentially means our projects will take special care of girls who have been left out of the education system.

Our project at Noida has made a dent in many parents' traditionally conservative mentality, which had separated their daughters from mainstream education. The centres located in Sector 8, 10 and 16 have brought about a major change in their thinking process. These girls surpassed their sisters and made their parents proud.

  • To identify out of school children, to enrol them in learning centres, and provide education and provide remedial teaching.
  • To reduce dropout rate below 10%
  • To mainstream at least 80% of the enrolled children into Formal Schools in the Grade relevant to their age.
  • To ensure the provision of Quality education in Government schools by working closely with the government system so that students achieve 20% enhancement in learning level after every year
  • Build Individual Capacity of Children by using TLMs (Teaching and Learning Materials) and help them in becoming responsible citizens.
  •  To promote the benefits of health and hygiene amongst children
  • To promote gender equity, social and economic empowerment

As on 31st March.2020, 343 children have been enrolled for the academic session of 2019–20. 191 non-formal girl children and 152 REC girl children are attending the learning centers regularly.

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